ASUS Transformer Pad Teased, Expect Announcement September 4th

August 31, 2013 - Written By Nick Sutrich


ASUS has been on a roll with tablets lately.  First they unleashed the new Nexus 7 on to the world, taking it by storm with a stock Android 4.3 experience and packing the incredibly inexpensive tablet with nearly top-of-the-line hardware.  Now ASUS is going to be unveiling the tablet lineup they talked about earlier this month, particularly the Transformer Pad series.  In the picture above you can see ASUS alluding to the fact that the pictured tablet is in fact the new Transformer Pad with the words “We Transform Your Mobility.”  What we’re not sure of is whether or not this is the Transformer Pad HD or FHD, as those are two separate product listings in ASUS upcoming product catalog.  Given that we saw a new tablet leaked from ASUS the other day code-named the Taurus which could be classified as FHD, that’s likely the culprit for the FHD version of the Transformer Pad.

asus transformer pad fcc

As we’ve seen from the Taurus leak the other week, that tablet includes a Tegra 4 as well as a 2560 x 1600 resolution display, giving the 10.1-inch tablet a rather nice 299 PPI.  In the past ASUS has stuck with the Tegra series of processors, and since the leaked Taurus tablet also has a Tegra 4, this gives even more evidence toward that being the Transformer Pad FHD. Thanks to Phone Arena we’ve also seen an unnamed tablet from ASUS, pictured above, make its way through the FCC.  As this looks quite similar in style to the Transformer tablet teased by ASUS, everything seems to be pointing to the Transformer Pad turning out to be quite a nice little tablet.  September 4th is going to be quite a day for announcements, and while we’re expecting to see ASUS unveil the Transformer Pad, we’re also expecting major announcements from Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers as well.

We’re just a few days away now, so we’ll see for sure this Wednesday when it does indeed happen. Of course, ASUS is going to have some competition come September 4th from Samsung and Sony. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top.