Angry Birds Go Isn't a Bird or a Plane, so What is Rovio's New Game?

Angry Birds has been the poster child of the mobile gaming world for some years now.  When it debuted in 2010 it took the world by storm and spawned dozens of clones and wannabes, but nothing was quite Angry Birds.  Since then there have been quite a few sequels, the most popular of which is probably Angry Birds Star Wars, which itself has a sequel coming out just next month.  Rovio is constantly working on new ideas, as any good developer does, and has given us a few gems along the years like Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies.  Angry Birds is still their bread and butter though, and as such Rovio tends to use that property more than others.  Enter Angry Birds Go, a new type of Angry Birds game that promises to change your perspective on the Angry Birds universe much in the same way that Bad Piggies did.

On Rovio's own blog they talk a little bit about the process behind the design of Angry Birds Go.  They've also put together a cute little trailer that you can find below for a sneak peak behind the scenes.  Basically Rovio registered the Angry Birds Go name and domain earlier this summer, and this obviously led to endless speculation as to whether the game could be some kind of endless runner style game like Temple Run, or more of a racing style game like Mario Kart.  The latter appears to be true in this case, and Rovio is going directly after that market with an Angry Birds twist.  While the trailer doesn't get into any gameplay per say, we can generally imagine that this will have some sort of Rovio twist on it, and attacks will likely be a big part of the gameplay.  Much like Mario and friends launch Koopa shells and the like at their opponents, expect things like birds flying into other karts and maybe even some vehicle customization like we saw in Bad Piggies.  This is all speculation on our part, but it would roll up into one absolutely amazing cart racer, and one we can't imagine Rovio would ignore.  Check out the trailer below for Rovio's inspiration of the game, and we'll definitely be bringing more Angry Birds Go information to you in the near future.


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