Android News U.K. Roundup 08/16/13 – ASUS MeMo Pad 7 HD, LG G2, HTC One Mini and More!


ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7 Launching Soon for £129


While the new Nexus 7 hasn't hit the UK just yet, there are some other options launching as well. ASUS seem to have had enough with just the Nexus 7 being on shelves in the UK and now they're ready to launch the MeMo Pad HD 7, for just £129. Launching September 1st, this little guy is packing a 1280 x 800 display powered by a dual-core MediaTek CPU, 1GB of RAM with 16GB of storage, dual cameras and Android 4.2. This is around £100 cheaper than the new Nexus 7 and honestly, it's not that bad a deal. Especially if you're looking for is a budget tablet that isn't going to fall apart on you. It's launching September 1st and might not be a bad gift to consider for Christmas.


Galaxy SIII Mini Now Just £190


For those of you looking for a smartphone to tide you over until upgrade time, and you don't want to end up with a real poor device then you might want to take a look at this deal. It could be a step down from your current phone but, at just £190 it's not a bad deal. It's got a decent-enough AMOLED display and performance wise it's more than capable enough. Over at Amazon UK there are some serious discounts to be had here.

High-Tech Rubbish Bins That Track Smartphones in London are Now Banned



In London, a firm called Renew had set you fancy-pants rubbish bins like the one above to track users information over WiFi. It would take a note of the users serial number and more to track their activity down the street. It's though that this was to sell ads as well. Basically the cans would figure what the user had been up to and then display a relevant ad up and down the street. It was only in a trial period but, the authorities have now put a stop to this. Thankfully.

LG Optimus L1 II Coming to Three UK


You've probably noticed that there are more budget-minded LG handsets on the shelves these days and if that were the case then prepare to see some more of them. The diminutive Optimus L1 II is coming to Three UK. This 3-inch device comes with a 240 x 320 display resolution, a single-core 1 Ghz Snapdragon, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a 1,540 mAh battery. This little guy is going to cost no more than £80 and is coming to Three in an exclusive white color.


LG G2 Goes Up for Pre-Order


While the G2 is going to coming to pretty much every carrier in the UK, its true price is often determined by online retailers. This time around, we're looking at £470 or so (inc VAT) for LG's latest and greatest. It's up for pre-order from Clove right now. You can read all about the G2 from our announcement post and if you just want to know the specs, head here.

HTC One Mini Launches on Vodafone

HTC One mini_Silver_3Up_575px


The smaller version of the One, the One Mini (great name) is going on sale at Vodafone. It's available from £33 on 3G plans a month, or £42 a month on 4G LTE plans. The One Mini is what HTC are calling the same experience as the One we reviewed some time ago but, we can't know for sure until we get one in for ourselves. If you happen to take up the device on Vodafone's 4G plans, you get a free subscription to either Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile.

O2 Detail Their 4G Plans and Pricing


O2's 4G network is finally launching August 29th, and the company has finally detailed the sort of pricing that 4G is going to cost. All 4G plans feature unlimited calls and texts and standard. O2's Refresh plans start from £22 a month for 1GB of data or £27 a month for 3GB and 5GB a month for £32. Meanwhile, on "Simplicity" things are a little different ith 1GB costing £26, 3GB for £31 and 5GB for £36. The Refresh plans obviously include a monthly cost for your device. If you sign-up shortly you'll get extra data until October 31st. 1GB becomes 2GB, 3GB becomes 5GB, and 5GB or 8GB.

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