Android News Canada 08/09/13: AndroidTO, Bell, Rogers, Verizon and More


WIND Mobile Grows to 620,451 Subscribers

One of the smaller Canadian carriers, WIND, has now grown to 620,451 subscribers. Right now WIND is having trouble though, especially with Verizon looking to purchase WIND and move into Canada. Which could be both good and bad for our Canadian friends.

WIND Launches $33 Back-to-School Plan



Just yesterday, WIND launched a new plan for the back-to-school time. It's $33 and of course called the WIND 33. If features pretty much unlimited everything. Even unlimited texts to Canadians and Americans. So not a bad plan, in my eyes anyways.

WIND's new "24 Month Pay Off Promise" goes Live


On August 8th, Mobile Syrup is reporting that WIND Mobile's new "24 month Pay off promise" went live. Which is part of the CRTC's new 'wireless code' that carriers have to adopt the 2-year contracts.


Bell Beginning Data Share Plans

bell-20 (1)

Here in the US, Verizon and AT&T have had data share plans for quite a while. Where you can put multiple devices on one account and they all share that pool of data you pay for. Well it looks like Bell is about to do the same thing. They are also offering a $20 BYOD discount, so if you bring your own device (say an unlocked Nexus) you're bill will be $20 cheaper. Not a bad deal.

Fair For Canada



We've heard a lot about Verizon looking to make their way into Canada, possibly by buying WIND. A new Fair for Canada campaign paints Verizon as the greedy incumbent and Rogers, Telus and Bell as the pro-jobs good guys. I'm not from Canada, so I really don't know how good or bad Rogers, Telus and Bell really are, but I know Verizon isn't all that good, at least in the US.

Report: Rogers to back Investment Firm to Acquire WIND

Rogers LTE Max

Looks like WIND is going to be bought out one way or another. This appears to be Rogers attempt to keep Verizon out of Canada. Which, as I've said before, could be good and bad for the Canadian wireless industry.


AndroidTO Heading to Toronto on October 17th


Android Everywhere is heading to the ScotiaBank Theatre on October 17th in Toronto. They have 100 $75 early bird tickets on sale.

We believe that 2013 is the year where Android moves beyond just being an operating system, but a platform that will permeate our daily lives. From glasses, to cars, to cameras…….we're only at the beginning of Android Everywhere.