Android Headliner: I want the Moto X...Here's Why

Last week, Motorola unveiled their new flagship which is available on 5 different US carriers coming later this month. The Moto X wasn't all that impressive to most of us because the specs were rather "meh". Which I completely agree. The Moto X has a 4.7-inch 720p display and runs on a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with 2GB of RAM. In the world of quad-core and even octa-core processors being used in other flagship devices, I think Motorola kind of missed the ball here. Motorola does say that they've optimized the Snapdragon S4 Pro with their X8 Mobile Computing System to the point where you'd get almost the same performance as you would from the HTC One and Galaxy S4, both of which sport the Snapdragon 600. Motorola has really optimized this device, in fact they are promising a full day on battery. When Motorola says "all day battery" they don't mean 8 hours or 10 hours like some other OEMs. They mean 24 hours, so a full day.

The big selling point with the Moto X is the fact you can customize it. Along with all the software features, like the always listening Google Now stuff, and the fact that the phone knows when your in the car or when you pull it out of your pocket. That's pretty darn cool. Motorola is also going to be marketing this device very heavily, but marketing to those "Average" consumers who don't really care about the specs. But those that care about how their phone looks and feels and whether it stutters or not.

Now here's why I want the Moto X. I've been spending the past few days using the Ascend Mate as my daily driver. Man that thing is huge, it's sporting a 6.1-inch display. So as much as I love the Galaxy Note series, I think I'd rather have a device around 4.7-inches. Aside from that, I also want a device that can last me the entire day with heavy usage. Now I"m not looking for it to last me a week or even a month. Just 12-16 hours of actual moderate to heavy usage. Which I believe the Moto X can do. The Moto X is said to be able to last 24 hours of usage. Which I don't think any of us are actually up 24 hours a day let alone being on our phone that long. Making the Moto X a great device, even if it does have less than stellar specs for a mid-2013 phone.

My opinion of the Moto X will probably change between now and the time we get our review out. But I think it'll be between the Moto X, LG's G2 and the new Nexus as far as what my next phone will be. I'm really interested in all the software features of the Moto X. It's kind of like "stock Android on steroids" in my opinion. What do all of you think about the Moto X?

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