Android Game Weekly- Retro Runner, Asphalt 8, Contra Evolution, Astro Boy Dash, And More


Retro Runner Brings Us Non Stop Running In 8-Bit Glory
Endless runners never get old. Simply for the fact that they're addicting and you can always pick up and play an endless runner type no matter where are you are or how much time you have. Android certainly has no shortage of these games, so why not throw another into the mix? I mean we're not hurting for games in this genre but choice is never a bad thing when it comes to picking a game to play. retro runnerStaring right into the face of all that have been played before it, Retro Runner does all but shudder in fear. Instead, it rips off its 8-bit pants and changes into some nifty track wear and its off and running. Literally. You'll find all the retro 8-bit love you could ever want here and it personally reminds me of old school Nintendo sports games. Tired of Temple Run 2? Give Retro Runner a try. Its free in the play store if you're slacking on your retro appreciation and has a one time IAP if you choose to get rid of the in game ads.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Asphalt 8 Airborne Is Finally HereAsphalt-8-Airborne-Android-new
Racing fans, start your engines. The most anticipated racing game of the year is out and finally available for all of us to get our grubby little hands all over it. Yes, I'm talking about Asphalt 8 Airborne. Its so massively insanely intense that I had to take a shot of tranquilizer just to keep my heart from exploding due to excitement. Unlike other racing games Asphalt 8 has a big focus here on being Airborne, hence the name, and urges you to fly off ramps to gain points, cash and stars that rack up by the end of a race. Asphalt 8 catches so much air that it makes Michael Jordan in his prime look like a quivering 3 year old screaming for mommy.Asphalt-8-Airborne-Android Aside from the awesome gameplay and multitude of cars, you'll find Google play games integration so you can invite and race against friends, post your stats and race results, and see others on the leader boards. You can even upload your ghost on certain races for others in your friends list to compete against which is a very welcomed feature. Nothing like a little friendly competition eh? you'll also gain achievements throughout the game by completing certain tasks. Even though this game was supposed to be released over two weeks ago, it was well worth the wait. If you haven't yet picked it up, its only $0.99 cents in the play store. Happy racing.–8sGoogle-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Contra Evolution Comes To Google Play Packing All Kinds Heatlogo_Contra_english-e1372045021218
As a Contra fan, I will say this. FINALLY! Konami is by far one of my favorite game developers dating back well before the Playstation. They haven't done much for android gamers(at least not state side) but that changes a little this week with the release of Contra Evolution. In keeping as true as possible to the side scrolling gameplay of the original, Contra Evolution is just as fun yet just as equally maddening. nexusae0_4_thumb6This modernized classic comes equipped with a couple new weapons and a couple new characters(don't worry you can still play as the original two heroes) and comes with all of the frustration. Plug away at it enough though and you'll find something irreplaceable and priceless. Pride, for having beaten a game that almost made you want to beat your head against the wall. The game is only $0.99 cents in the play store, so if you're dying to relive the magical moments you had when you were younger now's your chance.


Astro Boy Dash Runs Onto Google Playastro-boy-dash-android-game
Remember how I was just saying that there aren't enough Endless runners on Android? Or was it that there were endless amounts of them? Either way, here's one more to add to the library. Astro Boy Dash, based off the popular Anime cartoon Astro Boy from my childhood(roughly 17 years ago) you'll be playing as Astro Boy and dashing through the streets of what looks like Tokyo in beautifully crafted 3D visuals collecting coins and avoiding all sorts of obstacles. astro-boy-dash-android-game-2You can purchase different costumes and buy robotic upgrades with the coins you collect and it even has Google Play Games integration so you can connect with friends and see leaderboards and even gain achievements. Its nice to see more games adding the play games features. I know endless runners are a dime a dozen now, but this one was different and actually pretty damn fun. Its free to play with optional IAP's so give it a go if you need something to do today.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Dungeons And Dragons: Arena Of War Receives Official TrailerD&D-Arena-of-War-Android-Game
Last week we wrote about a new Dungeons and Dragons game from Wizards of The Coast that was coming in the future called Dungeons and Dragons: Arena of War. Its a game that is part of a major year long event known as The Sundering taking place within the Forgotten Realm universe, with the event spanning across multiple platforms and forms of media. Arena of War will be a mostly single player 3D Action/RPG but will also host some multiplayer content. As we stated last week, Arena of War will also have competitions and timed events that will run alongside "The Sundering". No real details about the timed events or competitions have been released but here's the video to grab your attention on the game a little further.

Creators Of Real Boxing Announce Their New Game Titled Godfire: Rise Of Prometheusgodfire-android-game
Vivid Games as their name suggests is in the business of giving you as "vivid" of a gaming experience as possible. Their newest game which is currently in development is called Godfire: Rise of Prometheus and is a 3rd person action/adventure game which looks to have some roots in hack n slash gameplay.godfire-android-game-2 The game's lore seems to loosely follow Greek Mythology and reminds me a little of Horn. Your goal in Godfire, is to retrieve the Godfire spark and place it back in the mortal realm. The game is going to have complete free character movement and not so much a linear play style which is always great. I'm always up for killing some digital monsters. Who's with me? The game doesn't have any real release date as of yet, we just know that it will be sometime in early 2014. godfire-android-game-1Along with what sounds like an awesome gaming experience for the action, the visuals alone should be enough to draw some in. Godfire was built with Unreal Engine 3 and as the CEO put it, Vivid games will be taking the game engine to new heights. I can't wait to see what this game is like.