Android Game Weekly-Angry Birds GO, The Walking Dead, Siegecraft Defender, Badland, And More

August 31, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Rovio Teases Angry Birds GO With New Video
Just when you thought you’ve heard the last of any news whatsoever from Rovio, they pop back up with, well.. more news. Remember Angry Birds Go that was teased a couple months back? While there isn’t an actual release date for it yet, the launch must be drawing near because Rovio has seen fit to tease us a little more with their new Angry Birds game. This time with a full fledged video and not just an animated image. It seems by the sounds of things that the game may turn out to be some kind of kart racing game done up with angry birds flare. If that’s the case, you can count me in on this one from Rovio. Angry Birds is still fun, but I find myself playing it only once in awhile. If the rumors flying around are true, and Angry Birds GO is the kart racer that I and i’m sure many others are hoping for, perhaps it can dethrone other kart racers such as beach buggy blitz from Vector Studios. Time will tell. For now we’ll just have to enjoy this video some more.

The Walking Dead Joins OUYA Lineup Later In The Yearwalking-dead
If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that The Walking Dead is quite popular. Sadly, the same words can’t be said with as much truth behind them about the OUYA console. It’s not so much the console or even the idea behind its mission that is lacking though, but rather it’s shortage of major games and AAA titles. That all changes later this year however when The Walking Dead joins the ranks on OUYA as part of the campaign to “Free The Games”. This marks a big milestone for the series on Android as it currently is non existent. Season 1 of The Walking Dead is expected to arrive on OUYA this winter. Hopefully, those of us that prefer to game on our tablets will get a google play version to take part in.

Siegecraft Defender Invades Google Playsiegecraft-defender-android-game
Call to arms men and women alike! Lay siege to all who oppose you. Siegecraft Defender has landed and if its Glory you seek, and multiplayer turn based strategy you crave, you’ll want to at least give this game a try. Similar to Siegecraft THD, it’s a tower defense game at heart, but Crescent Moon games saw fit to add in multiplayer battles and turn based attack systems to make their new addition to the siegecraft line up more interesting. It’s certainly groundbreaking in it’s own right to the tower defense genre.godfire-android-game-2 It has everything you could want in a competitive game type like this including google play games services so you can post your achievements for bragging rights and see who’s one up’d you on the leaderboards. It has over 10 hours of gameplay in campaign mode alone, with over 30 levels, so even if you don’t fancy the in your face action of multiplayer you can still get a lot of fun out of it. The game will set you back $2.99 which is to say the least a pretty good deal for the gameplay and the graphics that have been put into it. Grab it at the link below.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Badland Coming To Android; A Platform Game You Can Get On Board Withbadland-android-game
There are many platform games available on android but maybe only a handful could be considered close to receiving the kind of popularity and praise that Badland has gotten on iOS. This award winning platform title from Frogmind Games is finally heading on over to Android soon and just from the screenshots alone it looks amazing.badland-android-game-1 The graphics are vibrant and lush which makes what can sometimes be monotonous gameplay in the platform genre ultimately more exciting and pretty to look at. The game is only listed as “coming soon” but in the video below the game is being played on the new Nexus 7 so it’s safe to assume that the official android release is not too far off. Upon launch, you’ll have 70 levels to conquer among all the platforming enjoyment apple fans have been hogging for a little while now.

Magic 2014 Duels Of The Planeswalker Already Set To Receive An ExpansionMagic-2014-Duels-of-the-Planeswalker-Android-game
Magic the Gathering fans had to wait quite some time before they were able to play their favorite card game on their android devices. That’s not true for the game series expansion however. Magic 2014 has only been out for maybe a couple months now and the expansion is already set to arrive in the next few weeks. Wizards of The Coast has set the launch date for September 18th, which will include 280 new cards total across 5 new playable decks. astro-boy-dash-android-game-2The game will launch simultaneously across all the platforms it was made for on the same day, so even if you don’t play it on your android device you can play on whichever chose medium you desire. There are more features and new content that will be added besides new cards which you can find here. If you have yet to pick up the game but have been meaning to, you can grab it from the link.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Breach And Clear Storms Android Next Weekbreach-and-clear-android-game
If you’ve been waiting to sink your teeth into Gun Media and Mighty Rabbits tactical squad based warfare game, get in line. Toting a Rainbow Six feel but with a fresh spin on the genre, Breach and Clear has been receiving nothing but amazing reviews from its fans on iOS.breah and clear android game 1 Your goal in the game will be to lead your team of four highly trained special ops soldiers through multiple missions in which you must breach various buildings, rooms etc. and clear them of any hostile individuals while also completing other mission objectives along the way. Breach and Clear was originally slated to be a free to play title but the team behind its creation has decided that wasn’t the way to go. Instead, Breach and Clear will cost $1.99 when it launches on Android which is half the cost as its iOS counterpart.breah and clear android game 2 This is only a sale price to commemorate the launch, so if you want the game picking it up early is advised. Along with the sale pricing, all the new content updates that iOS gamers have been experiencing will be native to the game upon its release. This includes new enemies, missions and features such as bomb defusal. All I can say is Thursday can’t come soon enough.