Android Game Weekly 08/10/13-Ouya, NFL 2014, Transport Tycoon, Anomaly 2, And More



OUYA Apologizes For Shipping Delays With Credits
We all know the OUYA was a long time coming. After a delay or two, the Android console finally started shipping to kickstarter backers and even hit retail stores in June. The unfortunate thing was that some of the kickstarter supporters hadn't even received their units when the console was fully available to all consumers. To correct this horrible debacle to some of the biggest and most loyal supporters that helped OUYA get off the ground, the company started handing out credits in the amount of $13.37 for the OUYA store to use towards apps or games, to anyone that hadn't gotten their device till after launch. This move to hopefully heal the wounds left by an otherwise…lets call it oversight, also serves to boost the fledgling OUYA economy. A poorly organized, drab store for apps or games could be a devices biggest downfall. Luckily for OUYA, sales in the store have been better than expected, and I can't help but think that their disbursement of credits had some hand to play.

Gameloft Snubs Android On NFL Pro 2014 Release And Goes All In With iOS ExclusivityScreen-Shot-2013-08-08-at-10.51.12-AM-540x284
I've always been a supporter of Gameloft games for the most part. Over the years since the boom and rise of their HD games on mobile, I've become increasingly excited about certain titles they have come to develop. In spite of my efforts to talk them up to friends and family, there has always been someone in the background to stand up and say "Fuck Gameloft!" I have never been fully supportive of this opinion, as I have enjoyed many of Gamelofts most popular titles and franchises, however the move to take an extremely popular game series and make it iOS exclusive when Android is clearly the biggest piece of the mobile gaming pie these days is utterly insane. More than likely Gameloft has their reasons for releasing the NFL hit simulation game to iOS only, but on the flip side the reasons might be completely bogus. We don't really know and we may not ever know. Although it hasn't really been confirmed that the game will never come to Android, thanks to Android Community for reaching out to Gamelofts PR department, we do know that Gameloft has no plans to update NFL 2013 to the 2014 version for Android gamers. Bad form Gameloft, bad form indeed!


Transport Tycoon Beta Signups Now LiveTransportation-Tycoon-Android-game
With the Official Transport Tycoon title on its way to Android, some folks are eager to get their hands on this wildly popular game that was originally for the PC. Those that are the most excited will be happy to know that the official game now has live beta Sign ups and is available to those who get accepted into the beta. As with all betas, if and when you get accepted in, the game will most likely still have tons of or at least some bugs and is subject to changes while the developers fix and polish those imperfections. Although everyone is most likely already familiar with the tycoon type games, Transport Tycoon will have you building up a transportation empire. If you're feeling lucky and would love to be included in the beta so as to get early game access before it goes live for all, you can sign up at the Transport Tycoon micro-site and see if you get picked. Good luck to those who may give it a shot.

Anomaly 2 Arrives For Android And Mobile In The Fallanomaly-2
11 Bit Studios who are the developers of the popular Anomaly tower offense games, are finally bringing their newest game, Anomaly 2, to Android and Mobile in the fall. This most likely could mean next month but lets not get ahead of ourselves and otherwise set ourselves up for disappointment right? Anomaly 2 has been available on steam for the better part of a few months at least, and the game is wickedly awesome and even better than the first two games. ( Anomaly, and Anomly:Korea) Hailed as a Tower Offense set of games, Anomaly has you playing the part of the front lines moving through alien defenses rather than trying to set up towers to defend against them. Anomaly 2 is a sequel done right. It not only brings back what the fans love about the series, but also livens up the gameplay with new and improved features. The morphing mechs in particular are a nice touch and had me addicted to playing for a good solid block of time. The game is just around the corner, but if you can't wait and you missed all the other trailers, here's one to get you salivating over the game.

Excalibur MMO From R2 Games Gets An Alpha ReleaseExcalibur-android-game
MMO's are widely popular, and rightfully so for all their massive amounts of content that they usually bring to players. Add to that some pretty visuals and the ability to interact with other players and it normally spells success. R2 games, developers of a new MMORPG that takes on the role of side scroller as well has just released an alpha version of their upcoming game. Excalibur-android-game-1From the screenshots the game looks pretty clean and it has exactly what you'd expect an MMO to carry in a game. Ranging from bosses and quests, guilds to join, an enhancement system for your weapons and armor, and multiple classes to choose from. Excalibur will include solo content, but if you party up you will most certainly be able to participate in content that is specifically developed for people who play in groups, Excalibur-android-game-2like raids and such I would assume. Remember the game is in the alpha stages, so there is definitely going to be some bugs, but should ultimately still be plenty of fun. Excalibur is available to download now from the play store, so hop on over if you wish to give it a try.


Official D&D Forgotten Realms Game Supposedly Coming To Mobile D&D-Arena-of-War-Android-Game
If you play D&D Forgotten Realms, than you most likely already know that Wizards of the Coast is heading up a big event that is supposed to shake things up in the world of Forgotten realms. One of the things that is supposed to be included in these changes they're making is an official Android version of the game. The event is being called "The Sundering" and is going to be franchise wide which means anything that has to do with Forgotten Realms is going to be included in the event.D&D-Arena-of-War-Android-Game-2 Along with the novels and other additives to the already existing game, a new mobile title called the Arena of War is going to be released that is running parallel to the sundering event. Arena of War will be a 3D rpg game that will have timed events and multiplayer competitions to compete in. The competitions are running as long as the actual Sundering which is supposed to be for an entire year. So this definitely spells out large quantities of content and makes for a nice ramp up to whatever Wizards of the Coast may have up their sleeve for next year.D&D-Arena-of-War-Android-Game-1 If you pre-register for AOW, you will get special content(a cool sounding power called "cause Fear"). So far there is no word on the when the event begins, but follow the link to the site for sign ups if you are interested in this game.

Guardian Cross Finally Gets Android ReleaseGuardian-Cross-Android-game
Those of you that have been waiting for a kick ass TCG game to hit the Play Store, your prayers have been answered. Square Enix has finally released their TCG title onto android. Available for some small amount of time on iOS already, Guardian Cross tasks you with hunting and capturing over 300 unique creatures called guardians. How do you do this you ask? Why, with your rifle of course. unnamed (1)There is plenty of actual RPG content here and of course will include a story line to back that up. In addition, you will be able to compete for limited loot in an online coliseum against other players. There is also co-op play which allows you to play with friends rather than against them. I have never been interested in a TCG game before, but as this one is FREE, (WHAT!!!!???? I know.. shocking right? It is Square Enix after all.) and its developed by a talented team of members that all worked on various Final Fantasy titles Guardian Cross has actually piqued my interest a If you too find a Square Enix TCG title intriguing, the Play Store Link is below and the game is live.