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AMA Ltd Unveils Their First Game For Google Glass
Glass is just starting to really heat up. The explorers program has finished over a month ago and plenty of excited people are well under way to sharing their lives and experiences through glass. It seems that almost no one can be more excited than AMA Ltd though as they have already released a Google Glass game called "Escape". Escape will have you controlling our little hero "NORM", who needs help escaping from each stage. There is a certain path you can take to ensure success. Its a quaint little puzzle game that just might perk up your day when you head out the door to see the world through glass. Escape has a google play version available as well, which is ready for download for those eager to solve all the puzzles to help Norm get where he needs to go. The game is free and starts with dozens of levels, and you can purchase more through IAP when you get addicted and want to continue.

Sine Mora Now Available From Amazon App StoreSine-Mora
If you like your classic arcade style shoot em' ups, than you may want to check out Sine Mora. That is, if you own a Kindle Fire HD, seeing as how its only available on the Amazon Appstore for now and only for that device. The rest of us with more capable devices to handle such a game of awesomeness will just have to wait. The game will set you back $5.99, so get your pocket books ready.Sine-Mora-android-game-2Sine Mora was originally released back on the PS3 and 360 consoles, and is a gorgeous looking 2.5D shooter. With graphics like this it's no wonder Amazon would want to get exclusivity on it for a bit. There are multiple control schemes to fit every style, and 7 stages that look simply amazing. By the sounds of it, it seems like it might be a bit of a short game for $5.99, guess we'll just have to wait and see.


The Respawnables Brings Google Play All The Cartoon Like 3rd Person Shooting It Can Handle2013-08-03 18.13.40
We've written about this game in the past, and likely so because it looked awesome then and it looks awesome now. The Respawnables is a 3rd person shooter that perfectly embodies what it would be like to have Team Fortress 2 on our Android devices. It has a slick cartoon like style and promises to make you laugh multiple times with all the funny characters. There are some great controls that are easy enough to get used to, although a shooter is always going to take some practice in the control section.2013-08-03 18.15.33 The Respawnables boasts plenty of single player content to level up and customize your character, and a great online multiplayer once you're ready to hop in the pool with the other kids. The game was free, and does have some IAP if you want to pick up some things like more gold for upgrades, or the sweet ghost buster and MIB costumes and weapons. In all, The Respawnables is an awesome game and everyone should at least give it a try. It's a lot of fun and it's been hard for me to put down.

Tainted Keep Hits Google Play For Tegra Devicestainted-keep-android-game
If you're someone who owns a Tegra 3 device or one of the lucky people who already has their hands on a SHIELD unit, the new dungeon crawler from Ravn Studios called Tainted Keep is now available for download. It's optimized for Tegra devices, so that means it's going to look pretty damn awesome with specialized graphics. Tainted Keep looks a lot like Ravensword, Dark Souls, or Skyrim for those of you have played any of the three.TK It's story takes place in the keep of Greenhaven where the evil wizard resides and has cast a spell on the village's inhabitants. It is your job to stop this madness and bring the people of Greenhaven back to their normal selves. The graphics are HD resolution and the game has some promising features like visually upgraded weapons once you release more souls from the grasp of the evil wizard. If you have a capable device and want to get your hands on Tainted Keep, set aside $4.99 and head on over to the Play Store link.

Blood Sword: Sword Of Ruin THD Now Available On Google Playblood-sword-android-game
With the release of shield it seems that more dungeon crawlers than ever have started to come out of the woodwork. Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin is a new Tegra optimized dungeon crawler with enough eye candy to rot your eyes right out of their sockets. If it were possible to need a dentist for your eyes, this game would be the cause. BldSwrdThere have been plenty of hack N slash style dungeon crawlers over the years, but none that look this good. Based on the Unity 4 engine, it has high quality 3D visuals at a top down angle of play, and it has controller support for those of you that want to link up to your big screen and play it like a console. The game is only a buck, and for a hack N slash that looks this good that's a solid price.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Shadowrun Returns Delayed For A Few More WeeksShadowrun-Retruns-Kickstarter-Android-game
Shadowrun Returns is a story driven turn based RPG. It has already been released for PC, and was supposed to be released for tablets at the same time but has been delayed a couple times for unknown reasons. The games creators, Hairbrained Schemes, have been kind enough to keep its games fans in the loop about when they can enjoy the game from their tablet on the go rather than just at home on their computer. I have been playing this game since release last week personally and its actually pretty awesome. If you want to check it immediately you can buy it through Steam, but the Android version IS coming so if you can handle waiting, why not do it right? The Tablet version of the game will be virtually the same as the Steam version, just without the editor and will have no access to the community created content. Just a little longer, and we can all enjoy some shadowrun on the go.

Order And Chaos MMORPG Now On OUYAOrder-and-Chaos-Mendels-Rising-Android-update
If you're like me, you probably powered through so much WoW in earlier years that maybe you just got bored of it. If that doesn't sound at all like you, good news! The MMORPG Order and Chaos from Gameloft is now on the OUYA.Order-and-Chaos-android-ouya-1 I have tried playing this game on an older android phone, and the screen was just too small for me to enjoy the vastness of the world i was playing in and the complexities that are involved with playing an MMO. If you are a long time fan of the game, and own an OUYA, now is your chance to get some action going with a controller in your hand and see how it stacks up to playing on a smartphone or tablet.

DotEmu Releases Raiden Legacy Games Onto OUYA For AllRaiden-Legacy-Android-game-live
Did you grow up on bullet hell shooters? Neither did I. They were surely a part of my young gaming years though and Raiden was probably one of the more intense ones to play. You can download the pack of games onto your OUYA console for $3.99 and you'll get access to Arcade, Mission, and Training modes to bring back all those wonderful memories.Raiden-Legacy-Android-game-live 1 The pack includes four games in total; Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Jet. If you fancy yourself some retro top down action, power on the OUYA and download your ticket to going back in time for a few hours.


Asphalt 8: Airborne Gets A New Teaser Trailer6943_499442533459429_881632743_n1
We all know that Asphalt 8 is just around the corner. We wrote about this recently stating that Gameloft would be releasing the game on August 8th;which is no surprise considering which volume of the franchise were on now. With the game so close to being in the hands of fans, one could argue it's the perfect time to throw out a teaser trailer no? I was thinking the same thing. Smart on Gameloft's part to put out a teaser the week before the games release just to get all the fans amped up and begging for the game. This will look great on that brand new nexus 7 if you got your hands on one.

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