Android Game Of The Week-Pocket Rally Lite

August 19, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Everyone loves a good racing game, or just about everyone. Especially when it’s free like Pocket Rally Lite. Right off the bat when I saw this game I was thinking of the old Gran Turismo titles I used to play on my original playstation. The best part is that I can take that experience with me on the go. tainted-keep-android-game
I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I play Pocket Rally Lite when I could just play Need For Speed Most Wanted Or Real Racing 3?” Arguably those are both excellent racing titles, but Pocket Rally Lite is a rally racing title. If you’ve played any Gran Turismo from back in the day you know the difference. Pocket Rally Lite gives you two game modes to play, Challenge Mode and Single Race Mode. The more you play Challenge Mode, the more cars and tracks you can unlock for use in single races later on. I would expect nothing less, as this element gives the gamer something to strive for. Sine-Mora
Pocket Rally Lite also comes packed with plenty of features for a free game. Four different control schemes including support for the xperia play pad(red flag to any of you that still own and use this device) allows anyone to become comfortable with how to control the cars. On top of that, once you become a master of the rally races you can show off your skills to family and friends through the Replay Mode that lets you watch the playback of your previous races. Also assuming that some of your friends may not care about your awesome digital rally racing exploits, you could always just enjoy the playbacks yourself. Sine-Mora-android-game-2
What I really liked about Pocket Rally Lite is the fact that the car models and track backgrounds got special attention to detail. Add to that some precision tuned car physics to give just the right amount of realistic yet fun to play controls, and multiple ground surfaces depending on the track type, and you have some features to be proud of. Each car has its own set of characteristics just like any real car would, so as you race more and progress the cars will evolve and become more attuned to the tracks you race it on.anomaly-2
Opponents weren’t left out here. Each race you play gives you the ability to add in up to four AI controlled cars with adjustable difficulty to give you a challenge based on your skills. Once you get better, you can up the difficulty to give yourself more of a challenge and bring back the fun. If you enjoy rally racing games, give Pocket Rally Lite a try. If you love the game and want to play more of what it has to offer, you can purchase the full version which has all 30 tracks and all the car available to unlock. Happy Racing!Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1