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Is it just me or do City Defense type games seem to be on the rise? Not more than two weeks ago I was sitting at my laptop playing a little Borderlands 2, and I noticed an intense look on the face of my girlfriend. "Simpsons Tapped Out." I thought to myself. I immediately knew based off her look. Because i'd seen it before. So naturally the next time I saw her with that look I thought she was playing the same game. Low and behold she was playing a city build and defend/battle game. She's been playing it for over a week and a half and she's completely hooked.
Perhaps its the allure of building up a city all your own, only to have it be beaten down and have to rebuild it again, or perhaps its the thrill of battle and laying waste to someone elses defenses. Whatever the case may be for you, Greed For Glory has you covered. You can build up your defenses and then once you're ready you can wage all out war on your foes. NO MERCY! Spare no one, attack, loot and pillage your enemies as you destroy their town in glorious 3D multiplayer.
The nice thing about Greed For Glory is that the battles are fast paced. Build an army of elvin archers, powerful wizards, and steadfast knights before you unleash everything you have. You can battle against other players or you can make your way through all 52 different campaign missions. Perhaps you can use that for practice before you start to bring down the hammer on those oppose you. Need more firepower? Maybe enlisting the help of some brutes or even a dragon can help you kick some ass.
To stay ahead of the game you'll have to make sure you can progress your town through eight different technological ages, and always ensure them the newest weaponry. Help your town climb the ranks by joining a kingdom and rising together. Use your savvy to construct a slew of defenses ranging from towers, iron quarries, gold mines, well mazes, and trebuchets.
If you've always wanted to command an army, Greed for Glory will help you do just that. The best part is that its free to play, So there's no obligation to fork out your hard earned cash to advance yourself through the game. What are you waiting for? The sooner you download and install, the sooner you can start raiding the villages of others. Feed your greed, gain the glory. This is quite possibly the only scenario in life where this permitted and otherwise encouraged. If you are eager to get started, you can find the link below.

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