Android Device Manager setting appearing on some devices

We got word yesterday that Google is planning on launching its own service to track your Android device dubbed Android Device Manager. Not only will the service provide you with an accurate location, but it will also allow you to remotely wipe your device and make the phone ring in case you lost it in your house or something similar. While there have been third party applications providing these features available for a while now, having the service tied directly into the operating system will undoubtedly make for a better experience.

Google originally stated that the service would be released later this month. However, a Reddit user has reported that the service has somehow been pushed to his device a little early. After further investigation, it appears that the service is also showing up on other devices as well. To be clear, this is not the actual service that is showing up, but rather an option in the settings menu for the service.

Because the service is not officially live yet, there is nothing functioning at the moment, which is a bit of a tease. This also means that there is no access to the web service, which will likely turn out to be a major part of the experience as a whole. The setting has been popping up under Device Administrators in the Security portion of the device's settings.

What is perhaps even more interesting is the fact the users from all over the world are having the setting show up. This is great news as it implies that the service will be available world wide as opposed to a US-only model that Google tends to favor. Whether the service will be exactly the same in all countries is still unclear, but it is good news regardless.

Android Central actually has gotten a hold of an APK that will install the setting to your phone if you are really that anxious. Keep in mind that the APK found there will only make the setting show up, now the service itself. Has the setting reached your device yet? Let us know in the comments!

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