Moto X Announcement Round Up: Everything You Need to Know

moto x 47

Today, Motorola made the Moto X official. They had a big, well kinda, event in NYC for a number of Press to speak with the folks at Motorola and see what all the hype about the Moto X was truly about. Thus, we’ve published a ton of content today. So this post right here is your library of Moto X content for the day. There was a lot of news so let’s get started:

Whew! That’s all the Moto X news so far. We’re sure there’s going to be more coming in the next few days. Hopefully we’ll have a review unit in hand very soon so we can get a full review out of the way for all of our readers. How many of you were excited about the Moto X today? Let us know in the comments below.