Acer Makes Liquid Z3 Official; 3.5-incher for Those on a Budget



Acer certainly aren't a company that you'd think of when talking about high-end smartphones but, this isn't because they don't make good products, it's because they choose to sell devices aimed at the lower-end of the market. That isn't to say that Acer cut corners, in fact they make sure they get the most important parts right, like decent sound, decent build quality and more than enough processing power to make sure that everyday tasks are taken care of.


This leads us to Acer's latest, the Liquid Z3, a 3.5-inch smartphone that's very much destined for those with either a small budget or those looking to spend their money elsewhere. The device is going to cost just €99 (around $130) so, just what do you get for such a price? Well, not all of the specs are final just yet but, you're looking a 3.5-inch smartphone powered by a 1.0 Ghz dual-core CPU, a 3MP rear-facing camera, HSPA+ 21 support and Dual-SIM support. Sure, those aren't great specs but for the low price of €99? You could do a lot worse.

This is a device that's more than likely to stay inside Europe, with Acer looking to sell budget-minded devices in a region where they sell quite well. It's interesting to think of Acer as a smartphone company but they have been creating devices like these for quite some time now. Where Acer is hoping the Liquid Z3 gets a little attention is in the additional software they've designed for the device. They've decided to include profiles in the device, that will allow folks the ability to tailor the device to how they like it. These modes include:

  • Basic Mode: For youngsters with call and text functions
  • Senior Mode: Messages, radio, weather, magnify, clock, quick call contacts
  • Classic mode: All main functions in a simple and organized layout for first time smartphone users
  • Keypad mode: For people who primarily use voice and need their keypad right away

The Senior mode and Classic mode are perhaps going to be the best here, as a device that retails for so little and comes in at just 3.5-inches will appeal mostly to those looking for their first smartphone, or someone who isn't interested in all the bells and whistles.

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