According To A Bluetooth SIG Certification, LG Might Have A New Tablet In The Works

lg v500 bluetooth

As noticed by Technology Blogs Simplified, it looks like LG is going to make a re-entry to the world of tablets, as they found a Bluetooth SIG certification for an LG-V500/LG-V507L device and we know it’s a tablet for the V naming scheme like the G-Slate was the V909. If this is in fact a tablet, having two models could mean WiFi and LTE models, based on the L at the end of the V507.

Just a few weeks ago, LG filed some trademarks for a bunch of devices like the G-Watch, G-Glass and the G-Pad, this last one most likely being a tablet so it all starts to fit.

There are a few couple of things we can learn from the Bluetooth certification, for starters, the fact that it doesn’t have a baseband description reinforces the notion that this is not a phone, LG’s phone description usually goes like LG 3G Mobile Phone, LG GSM Mobile Phone or LG LTE Mobile Phone. Another hint we get is from the Software Version Number, which right in the middle has the code APQ8064, possibly talking about a Qualcomm APQ8064 processor, which is a Snapdragon S4 Pro just like the one in the new Nexus 7, so maybe LG is preparing some competition in the 7-inch market.

The Korean Patent Offices have confirmed that LG is working on tablets, which are rumored to be announced at IFA2013 at Berlin later this year in September. If you had any doubts that IFA was going to be a great show, this puts the cherry on top. We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note III, the Sony i1 and now an LG tablet, all to be launched possibly in the coming months.

We can probably expect a device close to the one recently introduced by LG, the G2 and although it’s highly unlikely that a tablet has the buttons on the back, we can probably expect a similar design with some of the same features like the IPS panel technology, the Hi-Fi audio tech, the double tap to turn on and off the screen and some Vienna Boy’s Choir sounds. Hopefully, LG can enter the tablet world with a hit instead of a miss like with their previous attempts.