7-inch Tablets to Feel the Heat from 6-inch Plus Handsets


Smartphones like the massive Huawei Ascend Mate – pictured above – are apparently beginning to cause headaches to manufacturers of 7-inch tablets, like the Nexus 7. It's thought that because these massive smartphones, like the Xperia Z Ultra, offer a much more complete package to users and a more attractive purchase. This is hardly surprising, as most 7-inch tablets don't ship with 3G support, while most smartphones these days have 4G LTE support as standard. There are 7-inch tablets you can purchase with wireless connectivity but, the premium is often not worth the extra functionality. For a lot of people, it's easier to carry around one device than two and, even if the tablet is something to be used at home, our smartphones seem to do most of what we want our tablets to do.

As DigiTimes is reporting, sources in the tablet sector are concerned by how affordable these larger models are becoming. While the Nexus 7 is nice and inexpensive, there are 6-inch smartphones hitting the market that are priced comparatively or available on contract. Why pay for a tablet when you can get a similar device on contract? While most of us don't think like that, a lot of average consumers will do and there's nothing wrong with that. Now, it's just up to tablet manufacturers to make their devices better stand out.


While the Xperia Z Ultra, at 6.4-inches is certainly not a smartphone you could recommend to everyone, it does tick most of the boxes. Compared to the new Nexus 7 it's got much better specs, and it'll surely be available on contract, something that makes more sense to most buyers. Samsung have tried to make their devices stand out from these large devices by launching 8-inch tablets to try and cut a compromise between size and portability. The Note 8.0 for instance comes in at a slightly larger size and offers the S-Pen functionality as well.

With so many 6-inch plus devices hitting the market, should 7-inch tablet manufacturers be worried or not? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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