Video: Watch A Demo Of Active Display, Touchless Control and Quick Camera On A Red Droid Ultra

Motorola Droid Ultra

After seeing the presentation, watching pictures of the devices, reading the full spec list for each one of them, we have a pleasant surprise here, DroidLife got a video of some Verizon and Motorola reps showed off some of the new features for the new Droid phones to a small group, in a hallway, outside any kind of stage or show. This is the closest to real life scenario you might see for now on how these devices respond to voice commands and such.

The features demoed where the Active Display, Quick Camera and Touchless Control, all of them showed in a Droid Ultra in hot red color.

First, what it’s most likely a Verizon rep (you can tell by the way he speaks about the devices) introduced the three devices, the Droid Ultra, the thinnest 4G LTE device in the market, the Droid MAXX with a 3500mAh battery and up to 48 hours of talk time and the Droid Mini, a 4.3 inch device with “no compromise”. He was followed by a Motorola rep showing the new features, starting with the Active Display, which instead of just pulsating a notification light, it actually turns on part of the screen to show you the actual notification, which you can then press to see the whole message and then reply, dismiss it or unlock the device, all with just one motion.

Then it was the turn for Touchless Control, which allows you to say “OK, Google Now” and your device will start listening to you without ever unlocking or even touching your phone. Every command available is the same as the regular Google Now, with the addition of “Call my Droid” which makes the phone ring, a pretty handy solution for when you can’t find your device in your house.

Finally, the Quick Camera gesture, with just a flick of the wrist you can access the camera and start taking pictures immediately, the camera itself is also driven by gestures, a swipe from the left shows you a settings wheel, a swipe from the right goes to the gallery, and you can zoom in or out with just one finger by moving it up or down. Press anywhere on the screen to take a picture and hold for burst shots.

Enjoy the video to see it all in action: