Video Walkthrough Of The Android 4.2 Update For The HTC One Shows New Features And Modifications To Sense 5


We knew that the HTC One was going to receive Android 4.2.2 from the day it was announced.Well, that day is finally here and the update started to roll out over the last few days.

Alex Dobie from Android Central did a video walkthrough of the update and there are a couple of things we can take from it. Mostly, HTC fixed a few complaints about the phone and Sense 5, most importantly, the black menu bar is gone, which saves a lot of precious screen real estate.

Besides that, HTC added some features from Android 4.2 like Daydream, quick toggles in the second notification panel and lock screen widgets. The notification panel also got a few upgrades, the power saver option has been moved to the quick settings panel and screenshots can be directly shared from the notification. On the Sense side, HTC added Instagram to BlinkFeed and some new video templates for its Highlights feature.

The mostly hated black menu bar now has an option to be removed completely and the menu button re-maped to a long-press on the home key, where Google Now used to be. But don’t worry, Google Now is not gone, now its behavior is much closer to the Nexus phones, to access it, you just have to swipe up from the home key. Overall, a much better experience now, more screen real state and Google Now is accessed almost like a Nexus. Could that be an influence from Google? we know they worked together on the HTC One Google Play edition, so maybe HTC is learning from that experience.

The HTC One is one of the best, if not the best, phone of the year, placed on top of the Galaxy S4 from Samsung by almost everyone. The One’s hardware is probably the best in the market, even on top of the iPhone 5 and miles ahead of anything that Samsung put out in the last few years. HTC also proved they know how to do sound with the One’s dual front facing speaker known as BoomSound, being the absolute best in the world with no competition in that aspect. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new era at HTC and things will go uphill from now on. They certainly deserve it.

The update is now being rolled out it Europe and Asia and we’re sure US carriers are testing the update right now.

Here’s the full walkthrough video from Android Central: