Verizon's New Droids Have RGBC Clear Pixel Cameras, But What Does That Mean?


Verizon's new Motorola Droid line up, the Droid Ultra, Maxx, and Mini, come with 10 MP RGBC 'Clear Pixel' cameras. The abbreviation 'RGBC' stands for red, green, blue, and clear. What does all of this mean to you?

To break it down technically, the camera sensors need a filter over the pixel array to register color. The current standard for cell phone cameras is the Bayer RGBG filer. Each 4 x 4 pixel area on the sensor is covered by red, green, and blue light filters. This allows in red, green, and blue light, blocking out the rest of the light that hits the sensor. A pixel with a green filter on top of it will only get green light. The same goes for red and blue. The rest of the light information is lost.

With the new Motorola Droid devices, an RGBC filter rests on top of the sensor. The C, standing for clear, let's one of the four pixels receive the full spectrum of unfiltered light. This is equal to about 50% more light taken in by the sensor. The extra light is a massive benefit, especially in low light situations. Even if you're taking photos in bright daylight, your camera will be faster and your imager will have truer color, thanks to the extra light gathered through the clear pixel filter.

This camera technology is one of the reasons that the new Droid devices are so exciting. The official breakdown of the new Motorola cameras from Verizon reads like this:

Low-light camera and easy-to-manage gallery. Snap high-quality photos, even at night. Droid Ultra has new technology that makes taking photos in low-light settings more efficient than ever. So go ahead: Take a photo of your delicious meal in a dimly lit restaurant and share it with your social networks. Or capture an unforgettable moment out on the town with crystal clarity. Tap anywhere on the screen to quickly grab that shot, and with a simple swipe, you'll be checking out your latest masterpieces and easily sharing them with friends.

What this means for you is that these new Motorola Droid cameras will take better images, process them faster, and bring you an overall better camera experience.

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