Verizon to Give Droid Buyers Six-Months of All Access for Free and Ingress Invites


Regardless of how you feel about Verizon, they do a pretty good job of supplying a quality product. They're not perfect - nobody is - and their prices aren't all that great but, there must be a reason many of you swear by them. Verizon is the largest carrier in the United States and they've got one of the best LTE networks in the US as well, which makes them a pretty great network to be with, and with the new Droid line-up Verizon might have found another way to coax new subscribers in.

If you purchase the Droid Mini, the Ultra or the MAXX before September 30th, Big Red will give you a free six-month subscription to Google Music's All Access subscription service. Which is worth around $70 and will give you access to absolutely every song in Google Play's ever-growing music library, you can even "add" those songs to your library to make everything seamless when switching between music you've uploaded and music you're streaming as part of the All Access service. It was one of Google I/O's more exciting announcements and it's definitely something worth looking into if you're big on your music.

We were interested to see that these latest Droids were the first smartphones to come pre-loaded with Ingress from Google'a Niantic Labs. Of course, you're asking what good Ingress is without an invite, right? Well, with the new Droid devices, you get invites for you and 5 of your friends. So, if you've been patiently waiting to get access to the game, then now might be your best chance. Of course, buying a smartphone for one game is a little extreme but, it's also no worse than buying an Xbox just for Halo. Some of your friends might already be planning on getting a new Droid so, this might be icing on the cake.

We're not sure whether or not All Access and Ingress invites are enough to get the everyday consumer to sign on the dotted line with Verizon but, big Ingress players will do funny things and subscription music is definitely here to stay. We can't say it's the worst idea Verizon has ever had, that's for sure.

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