US Cellular to Get Moto X Come August 26th?



Thankfully, the Moto X is coming, and soon. It seems like these endless leaks are becoming exhausting and it's nice to know that the device is going to be with us quite soon. How do we know? Well, while this is not undeniable proof, a leaked memo from US Cellular, that Android Central have gotten their hands on, seems pretty conclusive. The memo lists August 26th as the day the Moto X is finally going to be launching on US Cellular's network.




At this stage, it's extremely difficult to deny that the phone exists and those that would do so really need to take their tin hat off. The above photo of Eric Schmidt using the phone – when you're Eric Schmidt, you do what the hell what you want – along with all of the other leaks pretty much confirms that this really is going to be the big launch that we all think it is. We've heard that the Moto X is going to be released on pretty much every carrier out there, and with numerous listings in the FCC, this memo just goes to confirm that little part of the rumor.


Those of you on US Cellular will be happy to hear that the device is launching in a timely manner. The  "Wave 1, 2, & 3" listing seems to be letting us in on the fact that LTE stores will be getting the device first, with other markets to follow. Hopefully, US Cellular customers will get access to the same options everyone else will, with the X being pegged as one of the most customizable devices to be ever released.

These leaks get more and more entertaining as we go on. It all started off with the fabled Moto X that may as well have been a unicorn for all we knew but now, we've seen it in the wild, we've seen it at press gatherings and we're now seeing it listed at carriers' stores.

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