Three-months of Free Netflix Lasted Just One Day due to Incredibly High Demand



The Chromecast is an undeniably attractive purchase at just $35, and with the ability to stream Netflix, YouTube and more from an Android, laptop or iOS device it's very much an impulse buy. When you factor in the added three-months of free Netflix – worth $24 – it's almost one of those things that you feel compelled to buy. The Chromecast is a great device for those looking to get content on to the main TV without the hassle of something like an Xbox or even a Google TV box. At $35 it was more than cheap enough but, when you factor in the three-months of free Netflix, it becomes incredible value.


In a statement sent to The LA Times Google outlined high-demand as the reason the Netflix offer is no longer available:

"Due to overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices since launch, the 3-month Netflix promotion (which was available in limited quantities) is no longer available."

While it's unsurprising that the Chromecast has proven so popular, it's good to see that the device is off to a good start. Although, at $35 it's something you almost buy for the sake of it. Netflix has quickly become one of the largest content providers on the Internet, accounting for half of the Internet's downstream along with YouTube. It's changed the way we consume content and the Chromecast at $35 is cheaper than Google TV boxes at $99 and even the cheapest Roku, the LT. It's easily the best way to get access to Netflix and we're sad to see the offer no longer available.


All in all though, we can't really blame Netflix, losing out $24 on each and every Chromecast can soon add up to a lot of money and seeing as Netflix relies on keeping people interested from month-to-month, we're sure Netflix's numbers for the offer were pretty slim. Let us know in the comments if you've bought a Chromecast below!

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