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Normally when Mr Schmidt hits the news, it's because of something that he's said, after all, Google's Chairman is an outspoken fellow and he's certainly not afraid to speak his mind. If we're really honest, we all love him for it and he often gives us insights into what Google's planning next or a look at things behind the scenes. Here though, Schmidt is just going about his daily business, having a quick phone call, except that's not a normal phone. It's the fabled Moto X, which at this point looks more like a finished product than something that's still heading to shelves.


Thanks to Gary He of Insider Imagesthe Google Chairman has been spotted with a white Moto X device and, we have to say it looks kinda nice in white. We've been hearing that the Moto X is going to be available in a whole host of colors, and now we have two confirmed, the bog standard black and white that all smartphones ship in. So, we suppose we're just waiting on somebody else to "accidentally" get caught on film with the other colors.

07/11/2013 Sun Valley Allen and Company Conference

Is this a controlled leak? Well, we can't say for certain can we but, it certainly looks like Schmidt is being a little nonchalant about the whole "I have a Moto X" sort of thing. It's entirely unsurprising to see Google and Motorola execs to be using the Moto X at this point but, what is surprising is that Schmidt is using out in the open like it's nothing at all. We're pretty sure that Eric has tried out every Google phone before the Moto X, he's just been much better at keeping those devices a secret. Nevertheless, we have yet another look at the Moto X.


At this point, there's very little Google and Motorola can do to the design of the device to change it as it looks like it's pretty much finalized. Which color is going to leak out next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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