The One Might be Selling Well but HTC Could See a Loss in Q3

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It’s no secret that HTC hasn’t been doing very well at all these past couple of years, but they’re not a dying company or anything. Far from it in fact, they continue to ship decent products and they continue to be mentioned in the same breath as Samsung and Apple, but for how much longer? The One is apparently selling well, better than other flagship products, according to HTC but, that isn’t going to be enough to keep the company profitable. During a guidance call for their Q3 finance, the company is predicting as much as a -8 percent loss. That’s a sizable loss for a company of HTC’s size and stature.

Of course, the company does predict to make revenue in the region of $1.67 Billion to $2 Billion but that doesn’t appear to be enough to earn them any profit. As they’re predicting anywhere from earning $0 to that ghastly figure of -8 percent loss. It’s not entirely surprising to us that HTC isn’t doing too well, Samsung is making enough money for all of the Android manufacturers put together and while the One is a great product it’s clearly not working the magic that HTC had hoped. While HTC have promised a renewed effort on marketing, it’s still not enough to combat Samsung’s marketing juggernaut.

The Taiwanese company is reporting that the One has been “performing very well” all over the globe and that they’re gaining ground in the low-end market of Asia. Which is in no doubt fueled by their recent announcements of the Desire 200, 500 and others. The One is doing so well in fact, that they had some interesting insight to share on its performance compared to previous flagships:

“If you compare the HTC One — in terms of sell-out, in terms of our internal data — to the combined hero products we had over the same period last year, it’s actually performed better,” 

The CFO is likely talking about the One X and the One S that formed a one-two punch for HTC throughout 2012. This isn’t surprising either, as we discovered reviewing the One, it’s easily the best smartphone HTC have ever shipped. Not just that but, with the device available on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon as the very same device, it’s far more available than the One X and One S ever were.

What do you think will happen to HTC? Can they pull things around in Q4 or is HTC’s best simply not good enough anymore? Let us know in the comments below.