The LG Vu 3 May Have taken Some Pictures Recently


LG seems to think that we like large 4:3 aspect ratio devices. That's what the Vu series is all about. Of course in the past it was the Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu 2, or in the US the LG Intuition on Verizon. As much as we hated the LG Intuition an it's weirdly wide display, in Korea it's a very popular device. In fact, they sold millions in their homeland.

It now looks like LG is prepping the Vu 3 to be released probably sometime later this year. The photo below, obtained by RBMEN, shows the image name "vu3_vr_panorama[1].jpg" and the model number of the device that took the image is the LG-F300L.



So what does this picture tell us? Really nothing. As usual with pictures like this. They are always blurry and really hard to see anything concrete out of. But there is a screenshot down below that shows the Vu 3 is likely to stick with it's 4:3 ratio which has made the Vu line so popular. It looks like the screen resolution has been bumped up to 1280×960. So not quite full HD, but it is a better display.



It's going to be hard seeing people buy the Vu 3 when the G2 is going to be available. I know I'd buy the G2 over the Vu 3, but then again I don't like the 4:3 ratio on phones. But that's just me. So far none of these leaks really tell us anything about the device, this is all just speculation. But we're assuming it'll be made official before the end of the year. There probably won't be an event to announce it here in the US as the Vu 2 never made it over here and the original Optimus Vu was on Verizon as the LG Intuition, and I don't believe it sold too well.

LG looks to be solidifying themselves as a worthy competitor to Samsung. Which is something we desperately need. I just wish they'd change their theme to something a little less ugly. Doesn't the blue for the battery and other icons look ugly? Maybe it's just me.

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