T-Mobile Goes After AT&T and Verizon's New Early Upgrade Plans in New Ad


Lately, T-Mobile has really been honest and just saying what comes to mind. Of course, that's probably due to the nature of John Legere being their CEO. He basically slams his competitors at every chance he gets. Which is sometimes pretty funny. Especially if you read his Twitter feed, when AT&T and Verizon announced Next and VZ Edge.

T-Mobile has a new ad out which takes a quote from The Verge, where Nilay Patel talked about AT&T's new upgrade plan called 'Next' and basically said "AT&T's reaction to T-Mobile's transparency is to be even more deceptive than ever." T-Mobile finishes the ad with "We wouldn't call it deceptive, exactly. Calculating, sneaky, underhanded, maybe, but not deceptive."


It's similar to the Ad T-Mobile ran after AT&T talked about how bad T-Mobile's network was. It was something to the effect of "If our network is so bad, then why'd you try to buy it?" You have to admit, you love the new T-Mobile. Even if they don't have service or good service in your area. It's still pretty funny and refreshing to see a carrier acting like this towards their competitors. I just hope it leads to more customers, which means more cash and in the end a better T-Mobile network. I'm really rooting for T-Mobile in this one. I was rooting for Sprint, but it doesn't look like they are really trying to climb their way back to the top. Who knows, Softbank might be able to pump some cash in there and get them the rest of the way there.

So what will AT&T come up with as a response to T-Mobile's ad? Probably something to do with coverage or their LTE network. Since AT&T has much better coverage and much more LTE markets than T-Mobile does. Don't get me wrong, I love T-Mobile and am a customers with magenta. But their coverage isn't the best. It does work well for me and where I go every day which is great for me.

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