Sony to Unveil Honami Smartphone at IFA 2013?


For what feels like the longest time now, we've been hearing a lot about Sony's upcoming smartphone, codenamed Honami, while we've seen it leak out a couple of times on camera, we're still not sure exactly which route Sony are going to take on the design front. It's said that the Honami is going to be Sony's next flagship, after the Xperia Z. There are some impressive specs that are rumored as well, such as a Snapdragon 800 CPU and an impressive camera. Now, Sony is sending out invites for a Press Event they're going to be holding at IFA in Berlin later this year.

IFA? Wait, you've heard that before? Well, we're not surprised as it's the trade show in Germany that Samsung has chosen to unveil the Galaxy Note before now. Last year at IFA, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note II and it's more than likely that they're going to be doing the same with the Galaxy Note III as well. Of course, this is the main reason why Sony is scheduling an event at IFA at all, if you want to become successful, you have to rub shoulders with those that already are.


It'll certainly be interesting to see if Sony has what it takes to show Samsung up but, we'd hazard a guess that the buzz surrounding the next Galaxy Note is going to be much for Sony to overcome. They've already announced their answer to the Note line in the Xperia Z Ultra, which leaves the Honami to become Sony's "Galaxy S4". Launching in the Fall seems like a safe bet but, once the calendar ticks into a new year, models released in the Golden Quarter fade into obscurity thanks to CES and Mobile World Congress. Much like Verizon's Droid DNA did.

We're glad to see Sony releasing more devices than before but, they run the risk of releasing too many devices in any one given year. Do you think Sony could have a big-seller on their hands with the Honami?

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