Sony Launches 'my Xperia' – Coming to Other Regions in the Next Few Weeks


Lately, Sony has been a pretty popular manufacturer. Just last week they announced the Xperia Z Ultra, their "phablet". Now Sony is announcing their new 'my Xperia' service. Their my Xperia service will be hitting all the regions in the next few weeks. The system is set to provide remote management of 2012 and 2013 Xperia devices. Many of you know, smartphones are pretty expensive. In fact, Sony's are more expensive than most others, so it's good that Sony helps us keep track of it. This is something that Google needs to do for all devices.

When my Xperia comes to your country, the app will be available in a form of a new app that is enabled in the settings. The app is also sent out to eligible devices in the European trial via an Update Center notification. So it'll basically come out as an OTA. Good thing the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL aren't available on US carriers then. Or we wouldn't see the update for quite a while.


Sony's security system allows you to do quite a few things from

  • Sound an alert to get someone's attention -it'll also override silent mode and wake the display
  • Map location via
  • Lock the phone to keep info private, and ping a message with contact details or…
  • Erase both internal and external SD card info / data if required

my Xperia is a bit more limited than some other solutions out there. But since this is just now launching in the next few weeks, we are sure Sony will be throwing in some more features into the service in the next few weeks, months and even years.

How many of you are happy to see Sony launch a service like this for their phones and tablets? Now we just need other manufacturers and even Google launch a 'my Xperia' type of service for all devices out there. It's definitely something that's needed in the Android world. And I'm interested to see how Google would do it.