Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 Rumored to Be in 4 Different Models?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 concept 1

Yes it’s Galaxy Note time of year. This is the time where we hear tons of rumors, leaks and even some speculation about Samsung’s next generation Galaxy Note. This year the Galaxy Note 3 rumors have not been in short supply, as it seems everyday we’re hearing an entirely new rumor. We’re pretty sure that the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced at or around IFA in Berlin this September. Now there’s a new rumor making the rounds stating that we’ll see up to four different Galaxy Note 3 models. Which isn’t that surprising when you see how many Galaxy S4 models we have.

Korean news site ETnews is reporting that Samsung is going to launch four different models of the Galaxy Note 3 later this summer. Now the “four different models” could be taken two different ways. We could think Exynos 5 Octa for the International version, and the Snapdragon 800 for the US version, along with 32GB and 64GB versions. That’s 4 models right there. Or they could do a Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 3 Mini, Galaxy Note 3 Active and a Galaxy Note 3 Zoom. Just like Samsung did with the Galaxy S4 earlier this year.

Four models might sound like a lot, but in actuality, we had 3 models last year. The 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model. Which the 32GB and 64GB model never really went anywhere. I can’t ever recall seeing it at any carrier store. It was always the 16GB model. It can be construed a few different ways. But the way that Samsung is going, four models will seem like a slow week for the Korean manufacturer.

How many of you are waiting on Samsung to formally announce the Galaxy Note 3 later this summer? I’m definitely waiting on it so I can upgrade my Nexus 4 to something with a bigger screen and better battery life. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this rumor.