Samsung Shows Off Video For A Foldable Smartphone With Disposable Wearable Sensors

Samsung concept video for wearables and phones YouTube

Smartphones are probably the invention of the decade, they’ve taken the world by surprise and more and more emerging technologies depend on them like smart watches and other wearable tech. Even with how advanced some tech like Google Glass may seem, it’s still restricted to a single principle: screens are static. The display is fixed in one place, and it’s limited to show content within its 4 corners. Smartphones, tablets, watches, glasses, TVs, everything has a fixed display.

But what happens when we remove that constant. what if anything could be a display and a display could do anything? what if you could expand our smartphone into a tablet? or split our TV in half for two people to watch? For me, it sounds amazing. We’ve seen videos of futuristic technology concepts from every company in the world, from Microsoft to Corning and now Samsung has a little something to show.

Samsung strategy chief Young Sohn showed a small video at the beginning of the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco that started on Tuesday. Ina Fried from All Things D shared the video, so let’s take a look at the video and then we’ll talk about it, shall we?


As you can see, Samsung is aiming pretty high with a foldable screen with no other hardware than the screen itself with a strange expandable technology that creates different colors depending on its height. I really don’t know what’s going on inside Samsung’s R&D department but if they have something close to that, I want to see it now.

“We think the health area is a really key area of innovation,” said Sohn, and we can see in the video a woman is sharing her bio-metrics with her doctor using a disposable sensor

Sohn also said that wearable devices will increase rapidly once it moves from a device to being woven into clothing and integrated with other products.

Smartwatches are the novelty of the year, with Pebble leading the industry at the moment, at least until Google and Apple unveil their own products, which both are rumored to do. Google is making all sorts of waves with Google Glass, which the company said they wanted to have it in the market by the end of the year. My guess is that next year is going to be a crazy one in wearable tech, with watches, glasses and maybe even clothes with screens on their sleeves and who know what else being released by every tech company in the world.