Rumor: Samsung Preparing High-End 12.2-inch Tablet



Samsung have been doing some pretty interesting things as of late, they've introduced a smartphone that has the imaging quality of a point-and-shoot digital camera and they're the first mainstream Android manufacturer to use an Intel chip in one of their products, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. When it comes to tablets however, Samsung hasn't done anything too special throughout 2013, the Galaxy Tab 3 line might be good value and come with a whole host of improvements but, that's about it. There's been nothing really "new" from Samsung on the tablet front. That could be about to change however, as rumors of a larger tablet from Samsung have started up again.


As SamMobile spotted, there's a shipment listing for a new Samsung tablet. That looks something like this:




The text you want to make out is this:


While there's very little here to go on, it looks like Samsung is experimenting with the 12.2-inch screen size. With the units being shipped for R&D purposes, we can only assume that this is a product in the very early stages of development. Of course, there's a chance that Samsung won't even make a product out of this thing, or even anything similar but it is interesting to see. Especially when you consider Samsung as a company that will quite literally try anything.


Why do we say "high-end"? Well, it looks like Samsung has figured out that most consumers are over the whole 10-inch tablet thing, unless there's something that brings them in. For instance, we can't see Samsung creating a 12.2-inch tablet without some fairly special additions, something that will catch people's eye and get them to buy it. At 12.2-inches they could fit a seriously high-resolution display in, much like the qHD+ resolution of 3200 x 1800 that's used in the ATIV Q.

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