Rumor: Motorola X Might Launch Almost Immediately after Thursday's Announcement

This may seem like a crazy rumor, but Taylor Wimberly the former owner of Android And Me received a tip that the Motorola X device we're all waiting for will start shipping to carriers tomorrow (July 29th), and could be ready to launch soon after the official announcement, which will happen Thursday on August 1st.

Initial rumors put the Motorola X launch sometime at the end of August, which would be pretty typical of normal Android device launches, but there are a few things that hint Google might actually launch it now.

The first one is of course the launch of the Nexus 7, which is going to launch on July 30th in US. That is a week after the official announcement. Then, I've also seen some people in some TWiT shows who have gotten access to the Motorola X early, but are under NDA and can't divulge much, say that they're working on reviews for it. That kind of tells me that if they're doing the review this early, the phone is going to launch soon.

Plus, I think Google has learned a lot over the past year about what it means to make a great product (Nexus 4, Chromebook Pixel, new Nexus 7) and they've also learned how to make better launches. Apple usually tries to release its devices as soon as possible to keep the momentum and excitement from the launch, and I could see Google wanted to do the same thing with its products, and as I mentioned they're already doing it with the new Nexus 7.

I don't know if it's going to launch the day after the announcement, but it might arrive pretty soon. But also let's be patient and wait for the announcement, and not be very disappointed if it doesn't arrive that early.

The Motorola X's special features should include a great 10MP camera that can also make quality pictures in low-light thanks to its RGBC filters (that allows more light to go through the "clear" part of the filter, and making the pixels twice as sensitive to light), some impressive voice recognition features, much like the new Droids, near stock Android, and Google probably has some surprises for us, too, that haven't been leaked to the press yet. But we'll learn all about them this Thursday.

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