Report: Moto X Will be a Stand Alone Product, Droid Brand Continues

Motorola HQ

This evening, The Verge is citing multiple sources that the Moto X will be a flagship of it's own in addition to the Droid line up on Verizon. This is actually quite surprising given Motorola and Verizon's tight relationship over the past few years, dating back to the original Droid in 2009.

The Google-owned manufacturer is set to start advertising the Moto X tomorrow in many newspapers. It's quite different from the previous Motorola. In fact they are using the tagline "the first smartphone you can design yourself." Motorola confirmed at the D11 conference back in May that they would be refreshing all their product lines this summer, leading into the Fall. So we figure that means the Droid, Photon and Atrix line in addition to the Moto X that's set to land on every US carrier soon. The Moto X is slated to be built here in the US as well.

Verizon will most likely be carrying the Moto X, Motorola says that the Droid relationship with Verizon is not over…yet. Motorola has been rumored to be building a new line of Droid Ultra phones. Which is said to be sold separately from the Moto X. Even a landing page for the Ultra briefly appeared this morning, which gave us hints about the Droid Razr Ultra, which is set to be extremely thin and be available in several colors. Which is nothing different for Motorola.

We don't know exactly when Motorola will announce all of these new devices. But we are hoping it's soon since it's been nearly a year since they announced their last products. It's also exciting to see what Motorola has in store, since they have said they'll be sticking to near stock Android. Which usually means faster updates. Who wouldn't love faster updates? Although I'm a bit bored of stock Android, it's still great to be able to have stock Android for those that do love it. Without having to get a Nexus device that more than likely won't be available on CDMA carriers.

Who's excited for the Droid Razr Ultra and the Moto X devices? Let us know what you think about the names and the potential phones in the comments down below.