Prepare to Lose Hours of Your Time as Vector Unit's Riptide GP2 Edges Closer to Release



As crowded as the Android gaming space has become, there has only been a small number of universal hits, and one of them is Riptide GP. The game that had everybody tilting their smartphones and tablets in the hopes of posting a new fastest lap time and making sure to land all those cool jumps. Well, if you remember losing hours of your time – when you should have been doing something else – then you should be very worried, as the next Riptide game is coming from Vector Unit pretty soon.


If you think you just can't wait any longer, well, you can take a look at a handful of newly released videos of the game in action. This time around, Vector Unit have partnered with Nvidia to make sure that their latest game is one of the best-looking games on Android. Of course, this also means that the game is coming to Nvidia's SHIELD console as well, so if you're thinking of getting one, you might just have one more reason to pull the trigger.

One of the things we loved about the first Riptide was of course, the massive jumps and in the next game they're back:

Level design was something to behold in the first Riptide GP, and this time around we have some really unique additions:


Riptide GP 2 is launching later in the year, and we're sure that it'll be an even bigger hit than the first game. Vector Unit are promising more than just an update however, and the following new features will be in the new game:

  • Tons of original content. All new tracks, new hydro jets, new game modes, and more! 
  • Online Multi-player! Race against your friends in pulse-pounding online matches (with Google Play game services on Android and GameCenter/iCloud on iOS)
  • Deep new career mode. Level up your rider and learn new stunts, compete in dozens of events, earn cash to customize your hydro jet and rider, become a racing legend. 
  • Upgrades and customization. Collect a garage full of hydro jets and customize their performance and paint schemes. 
  • Cutting edge technology. Powered by the all-new Vector Engine 4, and optimized to take full advantage of the latest mobile technology, Riptide GP2 builds on the original game's stunning visuals with extra-crisp HD graphics, complex shaders, dynamic lighting, and real-time shadows.

There's clearly a lot for us to look forward to, my favorite feature listed above has to be the new career mode but, what about yours?