Polaroid Lives On in Polamatic by Polaroid; Instant Snaps from Your Android Smartphone


Many of you will know what the camera in the above photo is but, for those that don't it's the iconic Polaroid Land Camera. Which is sometimes called the "OneStep" or the "1000" depending on which region of the world you find the little guy. If you remember Polaroid then the chances are that you're in your mid-twenties to early thirties or, like myself, you just love Polaroids and Photography in general. I was late to the Polaroid party but I was soon hooked and I have tens of shoeboxes filled with instant photos, some of them were on expired film and others on the pricier "in-date" stuff. For those purists out there, you can now get your Polaroids out of the cupboard, basement, attic or wherever they might be, because the Impossible Project now sells new instant film for these babies.

If there's a camera that's more iconic than the Polaroid then it can only be the Leica, as the Polaroid was a genuine revolution back in the day. To take a photo and a few minutes later have that image in your hands, there and then? It was practically magic, especially in a world where 35mm film had to be developed and printed and you could end up waiting a week for one roll. Nowadays though "instant photography" has a very different meaning, we can take an image and then share it there and then, look at it right after shooting etc.

While it's never going to have the same effect as it did all those years ago, Polaroid is still cool and thanks to this latest app that has just hit the Play Store, we can enjoy a digital imagining of Polaroid for ourselves. Being endorsed by the "Polaroid" name, the Polamatic app offers what is quite possibly the most authentic Polaroid app for smartphones to date. The frames themselves are high-resolution scans of the original frames and not computer generated, the wide-variety of filters on offer are as authentic as you're going to get without going back in time. The app itself is easy to use and there's a wide variety of frames, filters and even fonts to label your photo with, allowing me to take a quick snap like this:


The app is quite sluggish however - at least on my One X - and so your mileage may vary. It's a real shame as well, because this is a very authentic digital tribute to Polaroid of old and I can see myself having a lot of fun with this. Is it worth the asking price? I'd say so, but we suppose it depends on how much you like Polaroid and how often you'd use the app. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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