Oppo to Release Their Own Android Camera to Take on Samsung?



Recently, Samsung has been doing some interesting things with Android, such as releasing different versions of the Galaxy S4 to serve different use cases. Such as the S4 Active that's "life proof" and the S4 Zoom that's more like a point-and-shoot camera come smartphones. Well, on the camera side of things, it looks like Samsung won't be alone in that market for much longer. Android Authority have spoken with a source that seems pretty confident in revealing that Oppo are working on their own Android-powered camera.




Oppo recently held an internal briefing which detailed key aspects of this upcoming camera that would be included. Features that include buzzwords like "high-resolution", an "owl" image processor and "true-to-form" reproduction when taking images. To us, this sounds like Oppo might be introducing a camera with a slightly larger sensor. The Galaxy NX surprised everyone by packing in an APS-C sized sensor but, the Galaxy S4 Zoom seems to come with the tiny sensors that all point-and-shoot cameras ship with. The only real way that you can couple "high-resolution" with "true-to-form" reproduction is with a larger sensor, the larger the sensor, the better detail the final image will have in it – regardless of the pixel count.


Moving on to the hardware side of things and the source is claimed to have detailed an "innovative" body-design, which is vague to say the least. There's only so much you can do with camera design but, as the iconic design of Leicas and the recent X-Series from Fuji have proven – looks still have place in the photographic world. Design is becoming more and more a part of cameras these days, and we're interested to see what Oppo come up with as the Find 5 was a well-designed device if not a little clich©. The device is said to support flash, a remote shutter and feature a quick shutter speed, which we'd assume to be at least 1/4000 of a second if not 1/6000.

When it comes to software, we can safely assume that the device will run Android and have some sort of photo-editing software provided by Oppo. Along with the usual scene-modes and filters which seem to be everywhere these days. There's little known about the project right now but, competition is great and as Oppo proved with the Find 5 they can deliver quality products so lets see what they have in store.

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