Official Nexus 7 Accessories by Asus Now Available on Amazon


While Google didn't announce any accessories for the new Nexus 7 when they announced the tablet, we all knew they would be coming sooner or later.  What we didn't expect given past product releases was just how fast Asus would have these accessories available.  The Nexus 7 doesn't technically ship until July 30th from the Google Play Store, but since you're able to buy it at online or even at some Best Buy locations, as well as online at Amazon, you might just want to grab a few of these accessories to protect your shiny new tablet.

First up is the Travel Case, which comes in an array of colors.  You'll be able to choose from 6 colors total: black, pink, orange, red, green and blue.  This is a slip-on polymer case for the new Nexus 7 that has all the port access you'd like ever need.  It features a prominent flip cover in the front that opens up to let you use the new Nexus 7 like a book.


nexus 7 travel case orange

What's great here is that you won't have to remove the case at all when you need to charge it, take a picture or enjoy that great stereo sound provided by the Fraunhofer speakers found on the new Nexus 7.  There's nothing more annoying than having to remove a case just to perform a normal function of the product.  This case will set you back $22.53 as of the time of writing.  The green case is the only one with seemingly limited quantity, although that will likely be fixed in the coming days in case Amazon runs out.

nexus 7 premium case


Next up is the Premium Case, which doesn't actually seem to be available for purchase just yet.  As the name suggests this case will give your new Nexus 7 a more premium feel by featuring microfiber and polyurethane construction.  Much like the Travel Case the Premium Case has a folding front, but it's a triangle-folding style front with a microfiber back to protect the screen.  Like other triangular folding flip cases it can be folded back and doubles as a stand for typing or watching movies.  Just like the Travel Case this also features all the cutouts you need for accessing all of the Nexus 7's ports as well as speaker and camera cutouts.  The Premium Case is available only in black or white, so no fancy colors for you.

Although Amazon had the page live at one point, it seems to have since been taken down.  We'll make sure to update the story with a link once Amazon gets it together.

nexus 7 screen protector


Last but not least is the official screen protector for the new Nexus 7.  What's interesting here is that there are two screen protectors in this package; one matte and one glossy finish.  It's not immediately clear whether or not this is to give you a choice as to which you'd like to put on the screen, or if one is intended for the back of the device.  Regardless they seem like nice enough protectors, and feature proprietary technology to resist fingerprints, glare and bubbles.  Sounds like just about everything you could ever ask for in such a product.  These run $14.99 for a package, which is actually really reasonable for an official product.

More official and third-party accessories are bound to appear over the next few days and weeks.  The original Nexus 7 was an incredibly popular device, with Google's own Hugo Barra saying that 10% of all Android tablets sold last year were Nexus 7's.  That being said we expect plenty of accessories for the new Nexus 7, which is bound to be as popular as the original, and maybe even more so.


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