Next Nexus 7 to Start at $229 for 16GB

July 17, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

We all know that Google is going to release a new Nexus 7, they just have to in order to compete with both Amazon and Apple. More importantly though, they will have to sell a new and improved Nexus 7 to keep the Play Store people’s main store for media, apps and games. If you think that Google Services such as GMail and Search are Google’s primary goals with Android, you need to think again: the Play Store is fast becoming a big big money-spinner for Google. For it to keep on turning a profit, they’ll need devices that are high in quality and low in price, which is exactly what a new Nexus 7 will do.



The folks over at Android Central have been passed a tip-off that could well be the pricing for the new Nexus 7. As you’ll see in the above image, it looks like the WiFi versions of the Nexus 7 “2” will cost $229 and $269, for 16GB and 32GB of storage, respectively. Unfortunately, there’s no word on where this inventory listing has come from, and the tipster was anonymous (which is perfectly understandable). These listings can be faked but, the above looks like an image that would require more than a little effort to fake, so we question why anyone would want to.

$229 is not too much more than that sweet $199 price tag we were all drooling over last year but, for a device with a rumored Quad-Core Snapdragon 600, 1080p 7-inch Display and 2GB of RAM, $229 sounds gravy to us. If stores are gearing up to accept inventory of Google’s next tablet then we’re pretty sure that the wait for Google to launch the device isn’t too far off. Chances of this launching with Android 4.3 are pretty high and we’re sure that Google have a trick or two up their sleeves as well.