New Droid Line-Up Leak Out in Family Photo; Set to Launch August 8th

2013 motorola droid lineup


We’ve been hearing, seeing and talking a lot about Motorola’s upcoming Droid line-up hitting Verizon soon and now, we have a fresh look at the whole line-up in a family photo, courtesy of the infamous @evleaksIt’s unsurprising that this latest line-up takes design cues from the RAZR HD line of last year and of course the original Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX. In the shot above, we get a quick peek at what the three devices look like, including the Droid Mini.

We’ve heard that the Droid MAXX is going to be shipping with a device that has a battery life that can last “48 hours” on a single charge but we’re now hearing that the Ultra is shipping with a 10MP camera. We’re still not sure what screen sizes the Droid line-up is going to be featuring but, it’s pretty obvious and not surprising that the Droid Mini is going to come in a little smaller. Much like the RAZR M of last year, the Droid Mini could come in at 4.3-inches or 4.5-inches. No matter how big the device is going to be, it’s not really going to be “Mini” is it.

Apparently, the new Droid devices will be hitting shelves com August 8th, which is a lot sooner than we thought. Although, it would certainly explain why all these leaks are coming thick and fast. It’s beginning to look like Verizon is in some sort of hurry to flesh out their line of devices, with the One coming up soon, too. Could Big Red be feeling the pressure from T-Mobile and looking to hardware to entice new customers, and keep long faithful ones? The Droid line has been pretty synonymous with Android in the States and it looks like it’s about to get a shot in the arm with a new set of hardware. Are any of you looking forward to the new Droid devices?