New Chromecast App Can Share Anything From Your Gallery

google chromecast

Last week, Google announced the Chromecast. Which it launched with limited apps, but we pretty much knew more functionality would be built for it rather quickly. Now, one of our favorite developers, Koush (the guy behind Helium backup, ROM Manager, and ClockworkMod Recovery) has created an app for Chromecast. He used the beta SDK to build an app that will allow a user to cast pictures, videos and more from their gallery on their device.

Currently, Chromecast can only share things from YouTube, Netflix, Google Music, and Google Play Movies & TV. Along with some tabs in Chrome. The service is still beta but is looking very promising. We already learned that Vimeo, Redbox Instant and more are coming very soon with compatibility. But for now, you can cast anything in your gallery to your TV, and that itself is pretty awesome.

Koush also mentions sharing tons of other options with the app. Like music and playlists, instead of requiring us to use Google Music only. He also promises a video showing off this awesome new feature set soon. So we can see exactly what this app can do. In the meantime, the app has to wait as he’s not allowed to release it yet. So this pretty much means that the Chromecast is about to get a whole lot more support than the Nexus Q ever did. First of all, it actually went up for sale (and sold out almost instantly). Which the Nexus Q never officially made it to sale, it was only in pre-orders.

I’m getting really excited to see what kind of apps and functionality get built for the Chromecast. It sounds like it’s going to be a definite hit, especially since I haven’t found anyone saying a bad thing about it. And the fact that its sold out everywhere, with it shipping in 3-4 weeks on Google Play. Looks like the Chromecast is going to have a longer shelf life than most Google TV’s as well.