Motorola Droid Maxx Render Leaks. Could be a Droid Ultra With a Bigger Battery


Little by little, we were starting to get some leaks and rumors about the upcoming Motorola phones. The Moto X is the one we’re all waiting for but there’s also a line of Droids headed for Verizon that we knew nothing about except the names. Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra and Droid Mini names were leaked along it’s model numbers but still, there was no word on any of them.

Now, thanks again to Evleaks we have an image of the Droid Maxx, which could be the same as the Droid Ultra but with a bigger battery.


The device itself looks like an evolution on the Razr M design with the receded chin, small bezels on the sides but with a less square design. Motorola is still using Kevlar as a main material and we can see in the picture that the entire frame of the device appears to be Kevlar.

The Maxx has capacitive buttons, which is completely strange considering that Motorola is a Google company, who decided to do away with them, and the last batch of devices we’re already using software buttons. Maybe this is a Verizon request more than a Motorola decision, I bet the Moto X will have software buttons.

One strange thing is the lack of branding in the front of the device, not Motorola nor Verizon logos appear there. This is probably just a render thing and the device will have both, although the top and bottom bezels are thin enough that there doesn’t seem to be room for any logo. If that’s the case, I’m sure Verizon’s logo on the back will be huge.

The Droid Ultra’s code is XT1080 and the and the Maxx is the XT1080M. There’s also a XT1030 code for the Mini and the XT1060 for Verizon’s Moto X. That tells me that even if the Droid phones and the Moto X are not the same with small variations, they’re at least in the same family so we can except similar design when the Moto X is announced.

No specs on any of these devices have been leaked so far, but I’m sure EVleaks is working on it.