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The Moto X has quickly become one of the worst kept secrets of Google and Motorola's in a long time, although the Nexus 4 wasn't exactly secretive working up to its launch. Motorola's latest though? Well, it's practically an internet celebrity before it has even hit shelves. When the Internet heard that there was going to be a press event held at Google this week, it was surely going to be the announcement of the Moto X, right? Well, no, it was more of a press gathering and a sort of meet and greet. To tell the truth, we might not ever know what went on there, and you know what? That's just fine – we weren't invited, after all.


As with a lot of these gatherings, something slips out and this time around, it's thanks to the infamous Robert Scoble and his Google Glass – you know, the guy in the shower? Yepp, him. So, what does Scoble have for us this time around? Well, all the guy was doing was recording Daria Musk playing some impromptu guitar and trying to create a sing along. Pretty innocent stuff, right? In the audience though, was Motorola's Senior Vice President for Product Management at Motorola, Rick Osterloh. We can all imagine what phone he was using to record this little jam, yepp, it was that phone. Below is a screen cap from Scoble's video that looks very much like a Moto X in Mr Osterloh's hands:




That certainly looks a lot like a Moto X to us, we don't know about you. You can take a look at Robert's post on Google+ for the full video, it's not a normal YouTube video, so we couldn't embed it, and we're not about to rip-off his hard earned Glass recording. On an unrelated note, we're not sure we'd want Mr Scoble quite as close as he was to poor Daria to record a video.

While we knew that this meeting at Google was nothing more than a press "get together" it's more than likely that the event was to show off the Moto X to some big names in the tech industry. You'll notice Leo Laporte is calmly chilling out there. It's also been billed as quite a secret, while Laporte himself spoke out about on his TWiT show, Scoble writes that nobody was supposed to share what was going on, but we suppose an impromptu guitar show recorded with Glass is okay?

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