Moto X Camera Gets Ripped out And Able to Run on Any Device – Download it Here

Moto X

We’ve seen so much about the Moto X that we are almost tired of hearing about it. But last night, the folks at Android Police have gotten their hands on the new camera apk for the Moto X. So you know what that means, you can flash it onto your phone and use it right now! Of course there are some things that work and some that don’t. Here’s the breakdown of what works and what doesn’t.

What works

  • The camera runs fine.
  • Tutorial.
  • Single shots.
  • Burst shots.
  • Video recording.
  • Front-facing camera toggle.
  • Swipe to open settings.
  • Swipe to open gallery, which asks which gallery app you want to launch.
  • Touch to focus toggle.
  • Flash mode toggle.
  • Shutter sound toggle.
  • Geo-tag toggle.

What doesn’t work

  • Double-flick wrist gesture to launch the camera anytime.
  • Panorama mode currently crashes. It seems to be missing a required class, and I’m not sure whether we’d be able to fix it or not. If we can, I’ll post an updated APK. For the interested, the error log is here.
  • HDR mode is disabled and cannot be enabled.
  • Slow-motion mode is disabled and cannot be enabled.

You can flash this apk like any other apk. It’s important to note that this camera will install separately unless you’re using a Motorola device where the camera’s package name is also com.motorola.camera. Which means it probably won’t install. So you’ll need to freeze the existing camera app with Titanium Backup then install the Moto X camera.

It’s not too much longer before we get to see how the Moto X really is going to work, but in the meantime this camera app should help tide you over. Come August 1st, we should have some release dates, carrier confirmation and the exact specs & features of the Moto X, which is next Thursday. So you’ll want to stay glued to Android Headlines for all the latest.

Download from Android Police’s mirrors: