More Moto X Rumors – Starting at $299, 720p Display, Amazing Battery Life and More


It's the summer. Which means there's not a whole lot going on in the Android world. But all of our eyes are on Motorola for their Moto X announcement and launch, followed by LG's G2 announcement and Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 launch in September. So there's plenty of rumors to go around. Yesterday, on Google+ Taylor Wimberly (the founder of Android & Me and the same guy that published those fake rumors about Android 4.2 last year) challenged his followers to ask him anything about the Moto X. He claimed to know most of the details about the device.

Naturally, he got a lot of comments with questions about the highly anticipated device. Taylor says that the device will have a 720p display and the display will be somewhere between 4-4.9 inches in size. Then what about the price? Well it's still unknown, but he believes it'll be around $299 or less, unlocked. The device is said to ship with a "close to stock Android" experience. We've also heard that the Moto X is going to have an "always-on" listening mode, similar to the Xbox One. It'll be like Google Now, but on steroids, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


We're also hearing that it'll feature a MSM960pro SoC, with 2GB of RAM and industry leading battery life. Which we've seen with the Droid Razr Maxx and Droid Razr Maxx HD. As far as customization goes, we're hearing that we'll be able to choose between plastic, metal, wood, and carbon fiber casing.

Additionally, Reddit user motoleaker, posted an AIMAA thread, claiming that he's a Motorola employee and can answer anything related. His knowledge does seem a bit sporadic, but he did have some information about the Moto X.

  • 2 devices from Motorola by the end of the year and Google phones beginning early 2014
  • Solid uni-body, non-removable battery and only essential ports
  • Up to 32 colors
  • Motorola will not receive special treatment from Google
  • Google did the design and has "a lot to say in the product"

It's looking pretty good now for the Moto X, I must say. I'm definitely getting excited. How about all of you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.