More Moto X Rumors Hint at "Clear Pixel" Camera; Details Clean Android Experience



Can somebody just go ahead and put this phone on shelves? So that we don't have to keep on speculating? Awww, who are we kidding – you guys love this stuff, right? While the leaks and rumors are getting a little bit ridiculous at this stage, there's always something new that comes seeping out from somewhere. This time around it comes from Taylor Wimberly from Google+ once again and the new tidbits detail information surrounding the rear-facing camera and the software experience that's to be ran on the phone. For the longest time now, we've been hearing that this Moto X, or the "X Phone", is going to be running stock Android and will be a flag-bearer of sorts.


Over on Google+ Taylor had the following to share with us:

"Moto X will feature a "pure Android" user experience with a commitment to "fast upgrade cycles.""

It'd make a lot of sense for the Moto X to ship with a less customized version of Android, and something that's close to stock as they're now a "Google company". While we're unconvinced that the Moto X is going to ship with pure, unadulterated stock Android we're sure that whatever Moto and Google choose to do to it, will be light. At least light enough to ensure a quick upgrade time.


On to hardware now and one thing that's certainly not working in the favor of the Moto X at this point, is the rumored specs for the device. Let's call them "uninspiring", shall we? Taylor had this little addition to make concerning the device's hardware:

"Moto X will feature a Clear Pixel Camera with gesture controls."

We have no idea what a "Clear Pixel camera" is but, if we were going to hazard a guess it'd have to be something to do with better low-light performance and improved noise reduction. Gesture controls are interesting and we've already seen some of them work their way into Android 4.2 – such as the swiping to the left to get to the camera roll and so on.


It looks like the Moto X is getting closer and closer to showing itself and while these rumors are getting a little old, who know? They might even turn out to be true this time around.

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