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While Microsoft is obviously looking for their Windows Phone platform to take off, it's clear that they've realized that to "go mobile" they need to develop apps for both Android and iOS. Over the last couple of years, we've seen a number of different Microsoft apps make their way to Android. From the Xbox Live app, to the strange on{x} to even a port of the Kinectimals game that made the Kinect so popular. Now, it's finally the turn of Microsoft Office, the Office Suite we all love to hate, and one that some of us can't avoid having to use.

If you were hoping that there was finally an office suite worth downloading on Android, you might want to hold your horses. The app is only available to those that have an Office 365 account and so, this is not just another app download. By all means go ahead and sign-up for Office 365 but, it's not a viable option just to get access to this app. It costs (for a home account) $99 a year, although there is a free trial in the US. Meanwhile, the app is only available in the US right now, it should be filtering around the globe shortly.



So, just what would you use Office 365 on Android for? Well, the Play Store listing seems to think we'd use it for reading about Pandas. All joking aside though, the app seems very much on par with the iOS version that launched some time ago and if you're looking to make small edits or review changes while on the go, then this is not a bad option on Android. It's especially useful if you need it for work purposes and you don't have time to deal with the formatting issues that can often pop up with third-party suites and even Google Drive.

What is a little disappointing, is that this is only for Smartphones right now, there's no support for Android tablets just yet, which is actually pretty disappointing. With the myriad of tablets out there though, perhaps Microsoft is still testing things. We hope so, because Office 365 on a tablet makes far more sense to us than it does on a smartphone. After all, not all of us have Galaxy Notes.


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