Like Ads? How About Ads on Your Lockscreen? What if You Got Paid? Meet Locket



Unfortunately, nothing is ever really, 100% free. Indeed, some things are a lot more costly than we first think. Ads however, have long been the internet's way to get a little money out of us, without actually charging us. Sure, ads are annoying but, without them we wouldn't have access to a lot of the content we love. YouTube for instance is powered by ads, and our favorite content creators wouldn't be paid without them. I wouldn't get a paycheck if it weren't for the ads on Android Headlines. They're a necessary evil but, we learn to live with them, as we get a lot of the internet for absolutely nothing. Surely though, putting ads on our lockscreens is a step too far? Well, what if they paid you?


Interested now? No, I thought not. Either way, I'll introduce you to Locket, which is an app designed to serve ads right to your Android lockscreen – each time you open your locksceen, you're given $0.01 for seeing that ad. Now I know what you're thinking – I'm always checking my phone! Hold your horses there fella', because it's capped at $0.03 an hour. Which, let's say you use your smartphone three times an hour for 12 hours (how long most of us are awake) then you'd only get $0.36 a day. Yeah, not really worth it, is it?

Locket is only available to those in the US, and once you earn your small amount of cash, you can take it out as cold, hard dollars, buy a gift card or do whatever else with it. We'll admit that it's a lot better than how Amazon and their Kindle Fire ads work, where they pay you nothing and you have to pay them to remove it from the lockscreen but, it's still not a lot of money for the hassle. It might seem like a great concept but, capping things at $0.03 an hour hardly makes it worth it, especially if you're going to be using your smartphone all day long. Cap it at $3.00 a day, and maybe we'll talk. I think we can all agree that having $21.00 every 7 days to look at ads isn't all that bad? If only. For now though, you can take a look at the video below and head here to download the app.

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