LG’s Latest and Greatest G2 Gets Caught on Film

July 10, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


Whether or not LG’s latest is going to have the Optimus Moniker or not, the G2 is very nearly upon us and by now, LG are going to have to have something spectacular up their sleeves to shock us, as I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’ve seen it all before. The Nexus 4 was hardly a well-kept secret by LG but, this is getting a little ridiculous. Needless to say, it’s gives us a boatload of pics and now high-resolution video to gaze at before the device is even announced. Yesterday we saw a bunch of leaked shots of the G2 surface and now, we’ve got a short but sweet video of the device to show you guys.

Thanks to the guys at 4Leakz, there’s now a 1:02 video of the device to take a look at. It’s nothing too brilliant but, crank up the quality to 1080p and you can get the closest look at the device we’ve seen yet.


There’s not a lot that can be shown in just over a minute, no matter what it is but, there’s a nice enough showing of the device to get a better feel of the G2. First off, it’s surprising how much this looks like a Nexus 4 and those volume buttons on the back make for an interesting approach for sure. Then there’s the whacky lockscreen, which seems to be every OEMs main approach to customizing Android. Here LG have gone with a cool reveal design that reminds us a little bit of the Sony Xperia Z lockscreen, it’s certainly a nice piece of eye-candy. The video also shows that soft keys are used by LG here, which is nice to see so long after their inception.

We don’t have too much longer to wait and see just what LG have in store for us, with an event scheduled for August 7th in New York. With the rear volume buttons and a design close to that of the Nexus 4 it’s clear that LG have something a little different on their hands but, is it different enough?