LG's G2 Looks Fantastic, Will They be Able to Beat Samsung?


For a long time LG has been the odd child out in the Android universe. For several years their high end phones never really gained much traction and they primarily sold middle of the road phones that were renowned for their especially onerous skins. Nobody wants a phone that comes with all the lag of touchwiz and none of the features. On top of that their phones looked kind of... well, meh. Their unexciting plastic slabs looked much the same as everyone else's. While they were one of the first to hop on the 3d train (not that it ever really left the station) they haven't had many particularly innovative devices.

Luckily for LG fans everywhere (if there are any other ones out there) they've stepped their game up quite a bit over the last year. They've had a few small hits particularly the Nexus 4. A much phone that's gotten a lot of love, and remains one of the top android phones today. In addition LG's gained a modicum of success with their G series of phones. The Optimus G Pro has received numerous positive reviews and is quite popular in Asia. Unfortunately it has had a hard time taking off in the United States, a situation brought on by its unfortunate exclusivity deal with AT&T.

Despite their 30% gain in smartphone sales over last year LG still remains in a very distant 3rd place, behind both Apple and Samsung by over 35%. LG is banking on the release of the G2 and its likely sibling phones to change that. While it is unlikely that LG could completely displace Samsung as the top android manufacturer Samsung is quite vulnerable right now. While the S4 is certainly an awesome phone, it could easily be argued that it wasn't exactly a hugely revolutionary device. The G2's likely fall release date could be the perfect time to take advantage of consumers frustrations, though the next iPhone will always steal some of the G2's thunder.

LG's marketing, or lack thereof, was likely the major downfall of the most recent G series. I don't recall ever seeing a commercial for any of their devices, (excepting the few Google commercials that featured the Nexus 4) and it is nearly impossible to gain a foothold in the market without major advertising. The G2 looks to be an awesome phone (rumors peg the CPU clock rate at 2.3 GHz, Wow!) with some interesting innovations. Anybody sick of those pesky hardware buttons? Because the G2 will be entirely devoid of them. Interesting ideas like that can, if marketed right, sell a phone. What do you guys think? Has the G2 piqued your interest? Or will you be waiting for a different device? Maybe even that LG made Nexus 5 we keep hearing so much about. Let us know in the comment section down below!

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