LG Optimus G2 to Be the First Phone with 3GB of RAM for Better Multi-Tasking

LG Optimus G2, which is supposed to be the next-gen successor of the LG Optimus G, that was released last fall, is not only going to have a Qualcomm S800 chip with integrated LTE-A (LTE Advanced), but could also be the first smartphone with 3 GB of RAM, for improved multi-tasking, as PhoneArena are reporting.

Some may be surprised that we're even starting to see 3 GB of RAM "phones" this soon, but it's actually quite expected. We saw 512 MB RAM devices in 2010, 1 GB devices in 2011, and 2 GB devices starting with late 2012. So it makes sense that we're going to see 3 GB RAM devices this year, if not even 4 GB RAM devices. However, although chips like the Cortex A15 support 4GB of RAM, most of the others probably do not, and there's no good reason to do it until the chip manufacturers start moving to the ARMv8 64 bit architecture next year.

In 2014 we should see 4 GB RAM devices starting to arrive on the market, although the year after that should really be the year where most high-end devices start using 4 GB of RAM. Nvidia will also only then adopt its own 64 bit CPU, codenamed Denver, for example. Until then 3GB of RAM should be plenty.

But why do we even need this much RAM? For starters, more RAM, means you can keep more apps, and more browser tabs in memory. It used to be a time when you'd be quite limited by the number of open tabs in the browser. Websites can easily take even 100 MB of RAM these days, so more RAM is going to be needed in the future for mobile devices, too.

This means better multi-tasking, as you can more easily switch between active apps and browser tabs. Plus, I think Google will be making Android's multi-tasking system more advanced starting with Android 5.0, because they want it to be used on notebooks and PC's, too, and Android's current multi-tasking system is quite limited and not the easiest to use on a PC. So if the multi-tasking system gets more advanced, and maybe even allows you to use multiple apps at the same time, then it makes sense to want more RAM in your devices, to have them future-proofed. The LG Optimus One G2 seems ready for that.

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